Teen Choice Awards Fashion Face-Off: Zac Efron vs. Robert Pattinson

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Troy Bolton vs. Edward Cullen.

Singing vs. blood-sucking.

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

Straight hair vs. shaggy.

No matter how you break down this Fashion Face-Off, courtesy of last night's Teen Choice Awards red carpet, readers are faced with a difficult decision. Choosing between Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson is akin to selecting one's favorite parent.

If both parents were strapping young men that could each make butter melt just by staring at it, that is.

Still, one must sometimes do what is most challenging. It builds character. With that in mind, compare and contrast the hunks below and then share your thoughts on each...

Who looks hotter?


its all about the hair. robert wins hands down


the only reason girls seem to like rob because at the moment is because he is in twilight. did you see him in harry potter and the goblet of fire nobody went mad about him then he is ugly messy and dont even come close just the eyes of zac wins my vote i cant believe you people can actualy come up with this vote no contest eeeeeeeeeeeeeew


ok... they are both the hottest guys in hollywood!!! it is soooooo hard to decide
i, personally like zac efron a bit more but robert is so sexy...
idk they are like gods...


...it's so like DUH!!!!!.does RPatz know what tidiness means!!!???.i mean, RPatz looks so stupid at the photo.i really don't like his so weird hair, and he looks GAY!!!!!. i never liked him. besides, his chin is so long. it sucks.


i pit 4 zac coz RPATZ is Truly lukn lik a vamp ova here....luk at his unkempt hair...eeew....he freaks me out...!!!!


I don't think that Zac is copying Rob's look. Besides, if he was, he would be able to pull Rob's look of better than Rob. I absolutely love Zac. :D He's beautiful. Robert really needs to get over himself. JMO. :D


ROB BY FAAAAAR. he seems the most real. i'm not an idiot i do have eyes and after seeing 17 again i realised zac is hot and actually can act.. but rob by far..zac looks like he wears make up .....too boyband for me

Lucy stokoe

Robert Pattinson's hair is way better [:
Love you Robert!!!


Just because Rob has a new movie does NOT mean he is on top.. Zac also had a red hot career.. so you give it up :)


Zac still looks like a little boy. Rob looks like a sexy man. Yes, Zac and Chase both copied Rob's hair, remember how Zac and Chase used to wear their hair, you could not see their eyebrows.
Give it up people, Rob ia on top with a red hot career.

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