Robert Pattinson: Edward Cullen is a Weird Axe Murderer!

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Robert Pattinson doesn't understand all the fuss fans make over him. The actor somehow does not consider himself good looking.


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    You can flame me all you like for this, but I 100% agree with Robert. Haven't you guys figured out that Edward Cullen is FICTIONAL, and not only that but just creepy too? If anyone other than Edward was watching you sleep for months on end, then you'd be terrified, and would probably file a criminal charge on them. Guys, honestly, learn to type for one, and two - give the guy a break, alright? Not everyone on this planet likes the Twilight series. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Like Twilight if you want, I'm not saying you have to dislike it, but don't go bashing people for their opinion. It's really good of him to perform the movies for you, don't repay him like this.


    he looks insane here! but like... the adorable kind of insane!


    R u jealous of Edward?coz he is more handsome than u?can u even fathom the depth of his passion?his love?u would hav understood why so many people lov Edward if u had understood the character in the 1st place!


    hi edward cullen my name michelle grigg i love you kiss me is love me movies go hang out cullen famliy dr. cullen mrs.cullen i love you edward cullen


    what an idiot!! dissing the character that made him famous!! my god, is he reatarted or what?? doesn't he know that millions of fans love edward!! I, myself can't accept such insult toward my favorite fictional character! if he is so sure that edward is a dumb character why take the part at all!!! wake up honey, the fuss is not about you! people see edward that's all the fuss!! robert pattinson your not that cute, as you many times have pointed out!!


    '“If Edward wasn’t a fictional character and you met him in reality, he is like one of those guys who would probably be an axe murderer or something.”
    Apparently the fact that a vampire wouldn't be a fictional character isn't frightening enough.' :)


    Maybe he should have looked up all the Twilight Saga fan sites... Or READ THE EFFING BOOK.
    What a douche bag.
    Go ahead rag on me, seriously its like the harry potter kidlettes saying Oh I had NO idea... but I'm pretty sure they knew.

    How about instead of replacing Victoria we replace Edward?

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