Source: Lindsay Lohan is "Listening," Back Together with Samantha Ronson

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Stop us if you've heard this before: Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are back together!

On August 7, Star Magazine reports that the roller coaster couple celebrated Ronson's birthday in Chicago. They were joined by Ali Lohan, Sam's half-sister Annabelle Dexter-Jones, and four friends for dinner at Hub 51.

"They kept smiling at each other and holding hands," a witness told the tabloid. "It was very sweet. Not only did Lindsay make a toast to Sam, but because Lindsay was so caught up in the moment, she Twittered a special message to Sam to let her know how happy she was."

A Gross Kiss
Simmer Down


The group then headed to Crimson Lounge, where Ronson had a three-hour deejay gig.

Lohan, reportedly relaxed and sober, watched her girlfriend spin records from a nearby booth.

“Whatever happened during their separation did wonders because Sam and Lindsay were completely different people,” the source added. “Not only were they totally at ease with one another, but this was the first time Lindsay wasn’t constantly clinging to Sam while Sam was working... It was like Lindsay felt secure with their relationship, so she let Sam do her thing.”

So, what's changed for the pair? The anonymous friend said:

“Lindsay is totally abiding to Sam’s rules. Before they got back together, Sam laid down the law to Lindsay and explained the way things were going to be going forward. It appears Lindsay is listening.”

And putting out a lot, that's for sure.


how sad and pathetic do u have 2 b? i guess its ok since u have money, and thats the ONLY thing u love.poor sam!


To Joem: SODOMY??? Since when do lesbians routinely practice sodomy? I think that you should at least understand the terms that you slang around, before you bash lesbians, hon.


I think that Lindsey really does love Sam, but because of her insane upbringing, she only knows how to act insane. By setting down rules and being a positive role model, it's possible that Sam can teach Lindsey how to have a more normal relationship. Time will tell. If we see Lindsey in full meltdown in the future, we'll know she's back to channeling Dina and Michael Blohard.


First of all, our little Blohan is neither beautiful nor talented. In any senses of the words. There are lists too long that prove
otherwise. She either must be on the right combination of meds, or taking more of some of them. The calm won't last. Why in Hell people aspire to this flaming idiot of a train wreck is fascinating. Sad, but fascinating. Carry on...


joem Says: "Let's hope sodomy doesn't kill Lindsay." nice to see you're open minded and think being with a woman is "sodomy," joem.


A beautiful and talented lady like Lindsay deserves much better than Sam.
Unfortunately they like each other. Let's hope sodomy doesn't kill Lindsay.

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