Lindsay Lohan Robbery: Caught on Tape!

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There has never been a Lindsay Lohan sex tape. That we know of.

But there is a tape of people violating her ... home security system.

The LAPD has released some photos of these three people captured on surveillance tape breaking into her house - entering, they believe, through an unlocked door and taking personal items belonging to the alleged star.

All the suspects are described by the LAPD as being between ages 18-25 - a white male and two white females. The women are estimated around 120 lbs.

Lindsay Tweeted of the break-in: "i know it was not a ROBBERY. electronics weren't taken... just things that a certain old friend knew meant a lot to me."

Hmm. Wonder who that old friend is. Samantha Ronson, is that you?

Lohan Robbers

This implies that if she does not know who ransacked her, LiLo is more or less convinced that the person or persons responsible are familiar with the place.

Meanwhile, law enforcement is looking at the possibility the burglar(s) who raided her pad also broke into Audrina Patridge's L.A. home a few months back.

Police note "striking similarities" between the male burglar in both break-ins and are looking into the possibility that the robbers are one and the same.

Their M.O. is also strikingly similar - entering through unlocked doors.

The Audrina Patridge break-in occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday, February 22, while the Lindsay ransacking took this past Sunday morning.

Here's a video of Lindsay Lohan getting robbed ...


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Ugh, hope they catch them ASAP. And don't give out to Lins for leaving her door unlocked; we should be able to live in a world where we canleave our doors unlocked for even one night.


Duh, Lindsey. Maybe if you paid your drug dealer on time he wouldn't break into your house!


Thats Lindsey in the footage, maybe Sam as well and a guy. I thot it was LL as soon as I saw it. Now it's on MSN that its suspicioned to be her. I agree. She needs attention and this is how she gets it I guess. Turning in a flase robbery call is against the law, LL is no stranger to breaking the law tho. Its her. Plain as day. Shes such an idiot.


bahahahahaha thats too funny.


Dumbasses! Why in the world would you leave your doors unlocked!


bullshttt Both Audrina & Lindsy are victims who need to find these thieves and put them away!!! The same guy and stupid chicks did it! Hollywood Hills need to be Safe again... TMZ GO BUST THESES AXXHOLES......


these people are probably former friends or at least acquaintances.

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