Mark McLeod: Arrested for Stalking Miley Cyrus, On the Prowl

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We aren't always big fans of Miley Cyrus, due to her constant need for attention and ever-growing ego, but we would never wish harm on the Disney star.

That's why we hope she's tightened security around her.

Last month, Mark McLeod was arrested for stalking Cyrus outside of Savannah, Georgia.

A resident of Appling, Georgia, McLeod was apprehended in Tybee Island, outside the set of Miley's new movie The Last Song, after telling police he was engaged to the singer/actress.

Standing among throngs of fans at the Tybee Island pier, McLeod also said the teen icon communicated with him through secret messages in photos and in episodes of Hannah Montana.

When first approached by the cops, McLeod, 53, began screaming and fought officers that tried to arrest him. It turns out he was violating a court order to stay away from Cyrus, as he often shows up to events that she attends, including a March book signing in New York.

But here's where it gets really scary: McLeod was released from prison the day after his arrest!

Indeed, he's now on the loose, a decision that was made due to jail overcrowding and one defended by Sheriff Al St Lawrence. He said: 

“If we had heard something about this guy supposedly being a stalker or he had been charged with a felony he wouldn’t have been released."

McLeod is due in court on September 1 to answer to a pair of misdemeanor charges. Until then, we hope Justin Gaston or Nick Jonas - whoever Miley is dating these days - keeps a close eye on the young star.

** UPDATE: This is freaky. Follow this article's jump to watch a video of Mark McLeod, as he talks about all the reasons why he loves Miley.


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yes every 1 my name is.....mark McLeod ugh now im not proud of it


scary,, why does that Mark McLeod would love a 16 years old :)) that's ridicolously stupid. First of all he's 53 years old I mean he's life is short now. haha x)


i think daz why he thinks hes should marry her or wat not ...guys probably bipolar or sumtin and has no medication to set him right


its FUUNNY how mcleod is stalking cyrus but then her co star Liam hemsworth was in a show called " MCLEOD'S DAUGHTERS" COINCIDENCE OR WAT?


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omg. I feel so bad for miley. she must have been scared.


♥ They actually make a nice couple. A pervert and a Disney bitch! ♥

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