Is Miley Cyrus Back Together with Justin Gaston?

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In last month's issue of Elle, Miley Cyrus said she's not a kid anymore.

Based on the immature way she's handling her relationships, we beg to differ.

Despite confirmation from Joe Jonas that Miley is dating his brother Nick, the Hannah Montana star can't seem to stop flirting with ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston. What's even worse, she's playing games with Nick by doing it in a public forum!

Over the weekend, Cyrus published the following message on her Twitter account:

Miles Tweet

A short time later, Gaston replied with this Tweet:

Gaston Tweet

As any John Mayer fan knows, the lyrics above are taken from the very hit song that Miley referenced. That two-timer!

Why not simply email or text message Gaston? Why is Cyrus so openly flirting with him, for hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers to read? Is she seeking attention? Messing with Jonas? Asking for fan feedback?

If it's the latter, let's help her out: Who should Miley Cyrus date?

Which team are you on?


what? u r not a kid anymore? ha! miley just loves attention from guys . i think she is so obsessed with guys i dont know her anymore she is such a fucking hoe and a bitch.


miley miley miley.i was ur biggest fan!!!!!!!why the fuck will u do something like dis to confuse people like? dis u are a bitch a hoe a pyscho and a sicko.i hate miley cyrus but i like her songs. fuck u miley cyrus!fuck u. i am hurt.


well i dont care as long as shes happy and i think shes happiest whith nick and hes happiest whith her and for those who think one of them isnt good enough for another there bothe great people and get along well


well it could be that she was talking too Nick, but Justin wanted to cause attention so he replied to it and acted like it was for him. although hello shes a teen dealing with heartbreak, maybe shes just trying to sort things out, and undertand her emotions a little more.. please just give her a break


fucking hell. all you little 14 year olds out there obsessed with miley and nick and miley and justin, seriously get a life. why does it matter who she is dating? and twittering how she is feeling isnt "immature" im sure all you people out there who have twitter or facebook or myspace or bebo or any of that crap, write how you are feeling on it. just because she is famous doesnt mean she has to hide what she is feeling. Get a life.


Miley's her own worst enemy with her Twitter remarks. She brings it on herself and Justin's a proven immature idiot!


Guys man. Just leave her alone. You might as well comment on Demi Lovato's choice in men. Trace Cyrus? He's like Justin's age. How about Selena Gomez. She was confusing us all with Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner aswell... Or how about every other celebrity that dated more than one person. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer...on and off..we don't really know. And don't say that Demi's and Selena's were just rumours and may not be true.. because all these accusations towards Miley are rumours aswell. Demi also tweets about her life aswell if you haven't noticed. Miley never once said that she was dating Nick again. They are getting trying to fix their friendship they once had. That doesn't mean they are dating. Miley's 16. She has the right to date around. Honestly.


miley should stop looking for attention and get a hobby but what the heck maybe this is her hobby.


Hmm...Why did I buy tickets for her concert next month. Tiring, I think her bubble is about to burst. Miley needs to find a guy that wants to keep his private life to himself and not join her in a pubicity side show. Justin and Miley sound as childish as each other on Twitter. Just pick up the phone and communicate.


If this is true, Justin should be an adult and have more pride than to get back with a mixed up teen who still has feelings for her ex. Wipe the egg off your face for round 2.

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