Jourdan Dunn: Pregnant!

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British supermodel Jourdan Dunn has shocked the celebrity fashion world by pulling a Jamie Lynn Spears - she announced she is pregnant at the age of 19.

Just kidding about Jamie Lynn Spears. She wasn't even close to 19.

Jourdan Dunn Picture

The London native, who’s already been named Model of the Year and landed lucrative deals with Gap and Topshop, is expecting her first child in December.

Despite her young age, Jourdan Dunn has been with the same boyfriend now for several years and the couple are eagerly anticipating the baby's arrival.

The model has a close network of family and friends and has been receiving huge support from them too, as she prepares for her new arrival, her rep said.

“I’m lucky - I’m feeling really well. I’m healthy and happy!” she told Vogue.

Congrats to Jourdan Dunn and her baby daddy. Speaking of British models named Jordan, have you heard about Katie Price and Alex Reid? Craziness!

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