Magazine Says Robert Pattinson "Really Wants His Costar"

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Ready to play America's favorite celebrity gossip game?!?

Tabloids across the country are engaged in a battle of Let's Speculate on Robert Pattinson's Love Life!

Despite a lack of sources that are willing to provide their names or connections to the actor, numerous publications continue to run cover stories on whether or not he's dating costar Kristen Stewart.

Earlier this week, for example, OK! claimed Stewart was practicing her art of seduction in order to win Robert back.

Days prior to that report, Life & Style said the relationship was over. Millions of Twilight fans across the nation wept, as did those that still believe in journalistic integrity.

Now, People is jumping into the false-reporting fray. Its latest issue pretends to cover Pattinson's "messy love life," especially his "hookups, rumors and a love triangle."

In the end, at least, the magazine states that Robert really just wants his costar. We assume that means Stewart. Then again, it could be a reference to Remember Me's Emilie de Ravin. Uh-oh. Let the speculation begin anew...

Pretty in People

Robert Pattinson has a messy love life. In less cover-worthy news, Walter Cronkite died last week.


roberret and kristen belong together...when is he going to realize it....robert really needs see what is front of him and be greatful that he has her


ARE YOU GUYS STUPID, you cant ask a couple to just be together especially when they already are with someone.. You people are all shelfish saying they should be together in real life just because on film they have good chemistry.. ITS A MOVIE THEY ARE ACTORS ITS FAKE FAKE FAKE THEY ARE JUST GOOD AT THIER JOB.... What about kristin boyfriend, she is in a real relationship in real life and you think she can just break someone heart cuz the world wants to see her with someone else... GROW UP AND GO RUIN YOUR OWN LIFE... ACTING ITS ACTING FOR A REASON...


seriously r u kidding, why does everyone want rob and kristen together? first of all she isnt pretty enough for him and seconf of all she is an absolute idiot. one minute she wants him and then she doesnt. kristen ur lucky in the first place to get this oppotunity like really have u looked in the mirror, and have u seen how people react to rob. I would be very happy if got with emily she seems nice normal and i think kristen keeps dragging it on to get headlines besides as in magzines rob family dnt want the together. just get lost kristen and do us all a favor!


Jeez do people actually know the difference between reality n fantasy.I love the two actors as Edward and Bella but ROBSTEN AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!! twilight fans need to have a reality check


Does anyone know how to spell anymore? lol
anyways, I think they should be together, even if Summit Entertainment says they shouldn't. But at the same time I think the tabloids should leave them alone, and not make up stories. Its just disrespectful.




Kristen is sooooooo talented and so is Rob. They should be happy that they reunited


yay rob and kristen are finally back together...yay


culzz you r sO smart. We shuld ull bee listtenning to a persun as u who tells us whut to do on websits!!


For god sakes. I am seriously over hearing of robert pattinson and kristen stewart. And its ridiculous and sad that people feel the need to desperatley state that 'robsten' need to be together. They have never been an item. It's all pure fiction. If they become an item in the future, good for them- I'm just over everyone obsessing over two actors who aren't even that talented, especially Kristen Stewart.

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