Kristen Stewart Readies Seduction of Robert Pattinson

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Comic-Con International kicks off today in San Diego.

This annual festival celebrates the latest in pop culture, from comic books to movies to television. It's a chance for entertainment junkies to sit in on panel discussions with the stars of their favorite films or TV shows.

It's also a chance for scorned ex-girlfriends to win back their gorgeous co-stars... at least according to OK! Weekly.

Following weeks apart, Kristen Stewart (who has been filming The Runaways) and Robert Pattinson (who has been filming Remember Me) will reunite at the event. It will be their first meeting since rumors began to swirl over Pattinson's relationship with actress Emile de Ravin.

“Kristen’s got too much going for her to come in second,” a source told the tabloid. “She really cares for Rob, and if he still feels the same, she wants their relationship to progress. The Comic-Con reunion will be a real test.”

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reportedly face a test this week. Think they will pass it?

Stewart - who might be reading this right now! - has scoured the Internet, read the blogs and is aware of Robert's flirtation with de Ravin.

“She’s seen photos of them sitting with Emilie’s hands resting tenderly on Rob’s arm, and she sees the way Emilie looks at Rob,” the insider added.

For that reason, the beautiful actress was gonna skip Comic-Con altogether, but those close to her wouldn't hear of it.

“Her friends are insisting she look as hot as she can when she and Rob see each other so he will fall head over heels with her all over again,” this incredibly knowledgeable, anonymous source said. “Kristen is taking their advice to heart. She asked her Runaways stylist to find her a sexy sundress and a couple of great outfits to wear at the convention. She wants to look so amazing that Rob won’t be able to take his eyes off her.”

Will the plan work? Will the couple get back together? Will the sexy dress in question remain on Stewart's body for longer than 12 minutes, once Pattinson spies her in it?

Stay tuned. Find out!


To all you guys that defend her, a thought. She cheats 1x (previous boyfriend), fine. No 2nd time (who knows maybe more times).
HOW MANY TIMES does she have to cheat in order for her to be branded as a slut? Just saying.


16 de enero BS.AS te dejo este mensaje para que sepas que te quiero profunda mante robert no se con quien estas pero lo sabes te amo ,no tengo las fuerzas para dejarte si tedejo me muero yo no resistiria tanto ARGENTINA soy ligh blue celeste (quisiera berte en persona te quiro mucho. P.D TE QUIERO MUCHO


Rob only has a high school education too. I think Kristen seems very smart. She doesn't dress to impress because she doesn't give a crap what people say or think about her. I love that about her. she doesn't put on airs. SO back off kristen haters


Kristen is definitely not a slut, one boyfriend for 3 years and then Rob. I hope they are still together, but I agree with the person that said Rob is an ass if he wooed her away from her long time boyfriend just to dump her for someone else.


whoa, her poor boyfriend... i don't understand why he has not dumped her yet with all this going on, and i think its really mean how- when she found out about robert pattison with another girl, ONLY then she runs back to her boyfriend. she's hurt both guys, i think she probally had it coming don't you think.


She looked like something the cat dragged in. She came looking like a train wreck. Perhaps she wants her teenage fan base to get turned off on her and not to be viewed as a role model. She could always flip hamburgers with her high school education. She should work at presenting herself as a star instead of a punk. Image consultant and charm school 101 ASAP. What Rob sees in this girl "from the other side of the tracks" Valley girl is hard to understand. She should be grateful to be famous and realize that she has an obligation to be nice, charming and kind to the public WHO DOES KRISTEN THINK MADE HER RICH??? Rob and the rest of the cast seem to understand. Our youth needs role models NOT more punks and angry stars. She will drag Rob down.


o...m.....g?!?! okay?!?! dress to impress.... :) that would be silly... i could imagine her with a sundress with that hair... it wouldn't match


none of this breaking up crap is true, i saw comic con, and i saw and ew interview and ive seen pictures of rob and kristen poking fun at each other i think the tabloids are trying to tear two happy young people apart for publicity. nothings going on their just sick of having lies printed about them, so leave them alone already.


Kristen dumped Michael, i think but at least Pattinson and Stewart are back together and that's a yay or i should say hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!


is not fucking true
shes going out with that michael guy
this is just some bull shit rumour
she even said she loves michael more than anything
and i think he preposed to her and she said she needs to think about it

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