Kate Gosselin Clothing Line Shelved

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Kate Gosselin's career is drying up faster than Jon's sex drive.

First, her reality show went on hiatus until August.

Then her new cookbook was delayed indefinitely.

Now her clothing line is up in the air.

The reality star's promotion deal with Healthex has been shelved amid her recent divorce filing and separation with husband Jon Gosselin, a company rep said.

"Our project is on hold while she focuses on her family," Healthtex rep Scott Pryzwansky told Radar Online in a brief statement.

Kate Gosselin was hawking the clothing line as recently as May on the Rachael Ray Show. She handed out a gift bag that contained what the host described as "a Healthtex outfit [Kate] helped design and create."

The fall line is still available at Wal-Mart, but Kate is not involved.

On Monday - one week after she and Jon filed divorce papers - her Christian publisher, Zondervan, announced that her upcoming cookbook, Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories, wouldn't be hitting stores this November as planned.

TLC also confirmed Jon & Kate Plus 8 was going on hiatus until August 3. Viewership was down 77 percent on Monday's "retrospective" episode.

It's okay, Kate. Just get deals in place to pose for bikini photos and sell them to the paparazzi. It's made millionaires out of Spencer and Heidi.


taylor your youtube was stupid and they need to delete it from the comments. Its about Jon and Kate or maybe your little show was a example of how far the Gosselin twins will go for attention.This family needs prayer to come to there senses and quit exploiting the kids. Get some family counseling and pull this family back together for the sake of the kids. I too believe the postponing of her book and clothes line is to keep Jon from getting any. Any money made off these kids should go to these kids. Instead like most actors kids they grow up broke because the parents spent it all. They get into drugs and drinking because they were exploited as kids. These kids will be no different. They will have to live in the limelight as Jon and Kates kids. Give them back their childhood.


check this out then:


I second with Katebrokethewagon..I am in wernersville as well. The gig is up. She better not go copying my clothing line..I have enough imposters out there.


I have watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 since the beginning. Please tell me why aren't anyone questioning the fact that they never tried marriage counseling? They claim that they both care deeply about the kids. If this is true why no marriage counseling? Bang they went right onto divorce. I agree with the fact that they were both spoiled brats who were making all that money for each episode and still not satisfied. Now look at the ratings and I bet that they will not recover no way. Even that lots of families go through a divorce no one wants to see it played out on TV. It broke my heart when the one twin jumped into her Dad's arms from the bus trip and cried how she missed her Dad and she loved him. Are they not listening to the children or just drawing their own selfish conclusions!


I think most people are jealous of Kate Gosselin she has lots of money and so what is she wants to make more..we would all do the same.
i have watched the programme from the beginning and she really had 9 children.A marriage is a partnership however jon was just a spoiled child.
i think before anyone slags her off they should try and cope with 8 kids. I also feel why should she not get freebies i would also like some for my kids but i am not so lucky.
people are needing to get on with there own lives and if you dont like her don't watch the programme.You go kate you look great and you are better off without that sap of a man.


of course everything is on hold until after the divorce she is one smart cookie, why should jon be able to get of the $$$ of the book or the clothing line
leave kate alone


Hey people, don't give her ANY ideas, because she could wind up in a pictorial in playboy.


OMG this woman will not go away. We need Kate Gosselin for a clothing line?!?! Anyone can dress their kids alike with free clothes from GAP etc. And as for her, anyone can wear tight capri's and high heels - you get that stuff in the store "Hookers Clothing line" Go away Kate, and as millie says, Get a real job. You 15 minutes are DONE!!!


A clothing line? Give me a break already!!!!!!! What's next, posing in Playboy Magazine? Just get a "real" job & take care of your kids like other people do. Your days of freebies are coming to an end.

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