Tonight: A Jon and Kate Gosselin "Retrospective"

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As TLC scrambles to decide what the hell to do with a show that, ironically, is becoming a major hit and rapidly disintegrating at the same time, a very special retrospective episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will air this evening.

"Jon & Kate Plus 8: The First 10 Years" will look back at Jon and Kate Gosselin's decade of marriage (which ended last week after publicly unraveling for months), and provide "a look at what's up next" for the parents of eight.

A couple of things that could be "up next" ...

  • Lots of meetings with blood-sucking lawyers
  • Jon's mistress Deanna Hummel guest-starring
  • Kate in a bikini 24/7/365 to make Jon jealous
  • The kids discovering the Internet, learning about their parents' messed-up lives and being permanently scarred as a result

Here's the preview for tonight's episode ...

We've seen how it all came crumbling down after these terrific 10 years. Follow the jump for last week's tearful announcement of Jon and Kate's separation ...


Perfect work!


I am so tired of hearing Kate say my children they are their children boy she sure learned to dress herself in a hurry I guess she doesn't need Jon to pick out her clothes for her anymore. The kids are the ones that are suffering if she says she is doing it all for the kids she is wrong she is doing it forherself she loves the attention the show is really going down the toilet now we have to deal with reruns until August


I think it's time to end this show. There's absolutely no interest anymore in what these two people are doing. Kate should stop trying so hard to sell herself, she starting to look like she'll peddle anything for a buck. Enough. I suggest not supporting the sponsors of the show, let's let these kids have a normal life for a change.


Thank God - I'm sick & tired of hearing about them. I hope they fade away. There's more important things going on than their BS of a show. I'm sick of hearing of their freebies, sick of Kate's nastiness & sick of them in general. Let them get "real" jobs & struggle like everyone else does. Cancel the show already!!!!!!!!!!!


jon is so stupid for leaving kate for that ugly ugly deanna hummel. kate is hot compared to her.but truth be told jon needs to act more mature than how hes acting. putting earrings going to the clubs thats for young people not for the father of eight, so his kids can see what hes been doing in the near future.


Maybe the show will pay for John and Deanna to BOTH get hair plugs?!? All joking aside, what a stinking mess! If they cancel the show, mark my word that Kate will find some other outlet as a means to making cash. She is not a bit interested in letting the money go now sinceshe's had a big taste of it. As far as John moving to the Trump Towers.Are you kidding me??? Who is paying this may I ask? I'm sure that rent there a month is astronomical. Just another story of love, lies and betrayal.


I hope against hope that after the anger goes away, they both look back at their lives that have been recorded and see what a unique and great family they have and do whatever it takes to bring it back full circle. I can't see how Jon can be happy in the long run , after he parties with the young girls, drinks all he wants, and rides his harley with his earrings shining in the sun, without this beautiful family. Kate can work on her controlling issues and they can learn to make the family work for the kids and for them.
but i am a dreamer and i believe in committing to the marriage just as you promised God you would do when you took your vows...there is a happy place for all of them if they would put each other's happiness first and allow each other to be true to themselves within the marriage. oh well, another easy divorce : it's all about ME and not WE.

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