Kate Gosselin Cookbook Postponed By Publisher

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Christian publisher Zonder van looks like it's going to postpone the debut date of Kate Gosselin's next book, Love is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories.

It was due out in November. But that was before the grating star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 was in the middle of an ugly public divorce from husband Jon Gosselin.

A Jon and Kate retrospective looking back at the couple's 10-year marriage airs tonight as TLC tries to gloss over the nastiness of the past few months.

But the book jacket's promise of "an inside look at one of America's most close-knit families" doesn't have the quite same ring it used to now, does it?

The book was to feature Kate Gosselin's favorite recipes, along with her tips on eating organically and "meaningful mealtime blessings." Maybe now she can rewrite it with a recipe for humble pie. Ohh, snap, you got served there, Kate.


Jon and Kate Gosselin in what have become very familiar situations.

Postponing - or even outright canceling - the book will undoubtedly hurt both Kate Gosselin and the publisher right where it counts, on the bottom line.

But Maureen "Moe" Girkins, the CEO of Zondervan, now says that the publisher plans to "work with Kate to reassess the schedule for her next book."

Kate's first two books published by Zondervan, Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets and Eight Little Faces, were bestsellers.

No word if the publisher has acquired the rights to Deanna Hummel's forthcoming memoir, Hummers by Hummel: How I Seduced Jon Gosselin.

It's hard to imagine who would by a cookbook by Kate at this point, but who knows. Maybe she can put out a calendar of her bikini photos instead?

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Kate Chows Down
Kate Gosselin and Kids
Kate Gosselin and Son
Hot Pink Kate

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and also i never see her using microwave meals eitha


if i watched her show rightly most of the time she does cook home made meals from scratch with best possible ingrediants.she doesnt hav a organic chef who does it for her and im sure on the proggrame it also shows her loadin up thge washer and dishwasher aswell eeeeh


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She wrote a Cookbook? She doesn't cook, she has an Organic Chef. All she does is sit down and eat, doesn't set the table, doesn't clean the dishes, doesn't wash her/childrens clothing.
All she does is write books, do appearances for money, church appearances and request "LOVE OFFERINGS", come on.
She is a fake and the American public fell for her hook, line and bank account. "It's all for the children, give me a break".


Michael Jackson died...


I think the real reason they postponed the book is so that Kate can take some time and learn to cook something that didn't come out of a cellophane wrapper with microwave instructions.

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