World Celebrates as O.J. Simpson Gets 15 Years in Jail

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O.J. Simpson was sentenced to 15 years in prison for armed robbery after a judge rejected his apology, saying, "It was much more than stupidity."


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    Well, aren't you a lovely bunch? The first comment and the one above mine are absolutely disgusting and you should feel ashamed! I think he did deserve it but does not deserve to be called the N word. 1488 you are a sick and disgusting person.


    JUSTICE, albeit it 13-years too late! Although O.J.'s incarceration will not bring back his two murdered victims, Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, hopefully both families will now have a semblance of closure. And I hope Simpson spends several miserable years in prison before an inmate slashes his throat and stabs him numerous times and he bleeds to death on a cold cement floor. He deserves NO MERCY or sympathy for his horrendous behavior. The only thing he was sorry for in court today was that he was finally caught. Rot in hell, O.J.


    I did not know in 2008 we still talk like this?


    I did not know in 2008 we still talk like this?


    I am caucasion and totally insulted by the language in the previous post.Whether you agree or disagree with the 1995 acquittal, that was what the jury decided. O J Simpson has now been tried and convicted of these other charges and yes he is going to jail. I do believe this sentence is a carryover from his non conviction in murder trial thus I am not rejoicing. He will be incarcerated for a very long time and hopefully what the previous commentor had to say does not happen. I wish you well Mr. Simpson and hope you are successful on appeal.

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