Audrina Patridge Moving Out of Lauren Conrad's Pad

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It was a moment we all knew would happen someday, but it doesn't make it any less sad. This officially marks the end of an error era on The Hills.

Audrina Patridge is moving out of Lauren Conrad's guesthouse.

LC in Stripes!

Moving vans were seen outside of the Los Angeles villa and boxes were dropped off on Thursday. Patridge, who has felt ostracized in the guest house for months, made the decision after months of awkward tension between her, Conrad and Lo Bosworth.

"All I want is for you to be my friend again," a teary-eyed Lauren Conrad told Patridge on last week's emotional and captivating episode of The Hills.

"Okay, then let's do it," Audrina replied.

Maybe they have, or will still do it. But not on the same compound.

No word on where Audrina Patridge goes from here. Last season, she toyed with moving out, going so far as to check out cool apartments with her loser boyfriend Justin Bobby. Let's just hope she's not going to crash with that moron.

She's also been linked to Tal Cooperman and Corey Bohan, so we honestly have no idea what her deal is. If anyone does, please leave a comment and let us know.


Elle what the hell has this got to do with this post? Yeah this is from a UK prospective too! Audrina has been the best friend Lauren could of had, and shes buggered it up my totally blanking her out when lo moved in. watch the clips! they sayed no more than 5 seconds when audrina wanted to see them, they got a dog together totally leaving her out you could see how much that hurt, you could tell how much alot of the things they did hurt her, its not about getting on the bluddy ladder, audrina has done the right thing and moved out before they start hating each other, then she can spend time with lauren as they please, without lo, and it wont cause a strain, so there, and to be honest, if it wasnt for audrina or heidi, THERE WOULDNT BE A SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


If it wasn't for LC, Audrina would be a "no body" - perhaps she thinks she is a big enough a name now to make it on her own - now she has scored "walk ons" in a couple of c list films??? It's strange how people forget who helped them up the ladder, once they have a foot on the 1st rung!!!!! Never thought she was a "genuine" friend in the 1st place, just like Steph Pratt.............. This is only a UK prospective!

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