Alycia Lane: Stalked By Larry Mendte!

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Looks like The Hollywood Gossip's favorite insane news vixen, Alycia Lane, is back in the news and yes, it's another legal matter.

Apparently, Philly newscaster Larry Mendte is currently the subject of a federal investigation for allegedly reading Alycia Lane's emails.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Larry Mendte's computer was seized from his home last week in an investigation - one not promoted by Lane.

The story also reports that Larry showed up for work Friday, but was not on the air.

For her part, Lane was axed from their news station in January after she was arrested for assaulting a cop and calling her a "dyke b!tch."

Alycia Lane first came to our attention as the other woman Rich Eisen had bikini pics of in his email. His wife, Suzy Shuster, was far from pleased.


Define stalking. Because Mendte was never charged or accused of that. Lane was trying to get him fired and Mendte did something stupid and tried to defend himself by looking at her emails. When you dance with the devil, the devil don't change, the devil changes you.


peter dunn got scthupped by alycia lane while he was married and encouraged alycia s bad girl behavior so this is not a surprise to kyw tv or cbs


I can't believe at a newstation the men get involved with such childish crap acting like b...


Mendte bit the dust tonight too! Fired.

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