The Plot to Destroy Lauren Conrad

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We love Us Weekly.

The venerable celebrity news publication not only breaks a lot of gossip, it makes it much more fun to follow and read. We have to give them props.

This week's cover story, featuring Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag (it's a safe bet that someone from The Hills or named Spears will be on there three out of every four weeks), is one of the magazine's finest efforts yet.

Spencer Pratt's "terrifying obsession" with the Lauren Conrad sex tape. The "war" over Stephanie Pratt. A sinister plot to "destroy" Lauren and take over her show.

Don't get us wrong. We love the show - to an unhealthy extent. But that's a tad dramatic, don't you think? This is the The Hills, right? Not Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith. Or is it? See below ....

The Plot to Destroy Lauren

The Hills' rivaling stars Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, together again on the cover of Us Weekly. That hasn't happened in, like, almost a full month!

While the battle over sex tape rumors is heating up, the show will be cooling off for the summer. The season finale of The Hills is next Monday.


Rest assured, though - the 19-episode Season Four starts in August!



i know for a fact tht there is NO sex tape! If u go on and watch the hills season 3 episode 10 u see jen talking to lauren telling her heidi said tht brody made up the sex type rumor. So if in season 3 heidi is saying brody made up the rumor and tht she had NOTHING to do with it then why has she said in interviews just resently tht her and lauren were trying to get the sex type back from jason in season 1..? so if she had nothing to do with it in season 3 then how is she now saying tht shes 100% sure there is a sex type. wats her proof? SHE HAS NONE!! if spencer says i could take a test to proof im not lying then why doesnt he? u can really take test like tht to see if your lying. there is the proof tht there is NO sex type. GO LAUREN!!


nicka ur rite and lc shud lev hedi along cuz it is her choise also hedi z rite and lc shud relese the sex tap cuz it wud be gud 4 america then 2 much drama n lize n gud 4 da war on teror. i thk lc stil hatin on audrina cuz spencer hit on her but not lc. 2 much jelosy on th sho now, i wnt 2 C more clozzzzz!


any 1 comment back


hi lauren i love u but sumtimes i think u are selfish simply by wanting 2 make descions for your friends.from what i abserve by watching the show.u really got mad at hedi because she drop out of college and her tase with men.yes i admit spencer is a jurk but thats hedi chioce.when u were dating jason hedi did not get mad,u and him were living 2gether.with audrina u dont like justin bobby but get over it thats audrina chioce.(stop tryen 2 make decions for your friends)with the sex tape rumor it is wrong an need 2 be put 2 rest.


Ok I deffinitly bought this magizine just to read this story. I tought it was tottaly retarded. Seriously no one cares if lauren made a sex tape. another thing spencers comment about lauren needing to apologize to america is serious crazy. I am pretty sure america will live if she had a sex tape. Its her business anyway and they would be no one with out her. YOu also realize then can come up with nothing better to say other than she has a sex tape like that is the worst they can say. My final commet will be about the fact if there was a sex tape wouldnt we have all seen it by now. THere is no way they would have been able to keep this a secret for so long.


Who cares if there is or isn't a sex tape!!!! Get over it. Heidi and Spencer need to leave it alone. Its Lauren's show and it will never be theirs. They may get a spin-off eventually but who will watch it?? NOT ME OR ANYONE I KNOW!! They owe all their fame to Lauren without her they wouldn't be on TV. Oh and Spencer is suppose to be loaded and he has to sleep on his sisters couch?? what??

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