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Ever wonder why celebrities are considered to be desperate for attention? Self-indulgent? Complete idiots?

Take a look at what Denise Richards recently said, regarding the controversy she’s walked into by starring in a reality show with her little children, and wonder no more:

If I have my kids on my show, I’m exploiting them. If I don’t, people will think I’m not a hands on mom — That’s why it’s very important to me that the girls are part of it.

Denise Richards Bravo Pic

Not only is Richards seemingly asking for pity because – oh, the horror! – she’s in such a no-win situation, but apparently it’s never occurred to her that there’s a third option: DON’T STAR IN A REALITY SHOW!

We wonder what Denise Richards will tell her children about photo shoots such as this. Or threesomes such as the one in Wild Things.

We aren’t familiar with Richards’ financial situation, but an actress that looks like her could make a decent enough living appearing in random movies here and there; there’s no way she needs to star in a reality show.

Heck, taking out payday loans or cash advances would be more responsible.

As we’ve collected a slew of celebrity quotes for our new section, we’ve been overcome by the absurdity of many (yes, we’re looking at you, Spencer Pratt) – but no star has exhibited the sort of pathetic, self-pitying, ignorant point of view as Richards has with this utterance.

You got out of there just in time, Charlie Sheen.