The Hills Debate: Team Audrina or Team Lo?

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Ever since Lauren Bosworth (Lo) moved in with Lauren Conrad (LC) and her friend Audrina Patridge, things haven't been free of drama at Casa Conrad.

Audrina, who lives in the guest house while Lo and LC reside in the main residence of her Hollywood villa, is clearly feeling ostracized lately. Why?

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On Monday's episode of The Hills, Lauren Conrad wanted to hang with Audrina at the recording studio where she works, but two seconds after they got there, Lo insisted they bail and go to dinner - sans Audrina - and so they did.

Many awkward moments and passive-aggressive comments from Lo soon followed - such as stating that their new puppy has TWO moms. Is she overprotective of Conrad? Jealous of Patridge? Are either or both out of line?

Tell us, which side are you on? Team Lo or Team Audrina?


I don't think any are out of line. That is what happens when you spend time with one friend and not another. Lo is jealous of Audrina and Audrina of Lo. I think it's silly that it is like you have to have ONE best friend. :/


tEAM AUDRINA of course!!!!she's a sweet kind person unlike Lo,Lo needs to growup seriously I hate her attuide,she's not a kid,she's really mean & I hate it,poor audrina didn't tell her anything she's kind & generous like always


Lapdog Lo needs to go! Lauren likes her hanging around because she massages her ego- its pathetic! Soon Lauren will run out of friends who never step out of line (in her opinion) but something tells me Lo will NEVER will. She is totally obessed/ in love with LC. Get a job!


Team Audrina. Audrina is very nice, and probably too nice. If i was Audrina, I would have responded to each and all of Lo's passive-aggressive comments. I would have confronted her in front of LC, and put her back in her place. She's an insecure, immature, jealous little bitch!


As for who was friends with who first.....WHO CARES? Once again, how old is everyone that who was her friend first should matter? The only thing that should matter is who's the real, genuine friend, and that's obviously audrina. If Lo was a true friend to LC she'd at least try to get to know and would probably like audrina. But she can't, cuz well, she's a BITCH!!!


Team Audrina for sure! Lo is just a big nasty BITCH and not even a cute one at that! So what if audrina is being nice to heidi (whom i don't like either), audrina's a big girl and can be friends with whomever she chooses. Seriously, does she have to hate everyone that LC hates? Are they 10 now?


team audrina all the way.


Team Audrina obviously,
Lo is such a witch, she's truly not a nice person


Team AUDRINA! She is amazing and Lo is just a bitch! I can't believe Lauren can't see thru Lo and how mean Lo had been to Audrina!!


Lo is low down. She is rude and awkward and unattractive in flesh and spirit!!

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