Spencer Pratt: Lauren Conrad Sex Tape Was Real

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It's about time. The Hills' villain-in-chief, Spencer Pratt, has fully refueled the long-standing feud between himself and Lauren Conrad.

During a taping for next Tuesday's episode of The Tyra Banks Show, he says he is "100 percent" sure there is, or was, a Lauren Conrad sex tape.


"I know for 100 percent fact it did exist. 1,000 percent!" he said.

Ignoring the fact that one cannot be more than 100 percent sure of anything, Banks asked if Spencer Pratt had actually seen the tape.

"I would never watch that!" slimy Spencer replied. "I would rather throw up... but I know for a fact, and I would take a lie detector test."

The alleged Lauren Conrad sex tape supposedly co-starred her boyfriend at the time, Jason Wahler. Rumors took the Internets by storm last year, but the sex tape never materialized and LC flatly denied it ever existed.

Lauren Conrad won't be pleased by Spencer Pratt's comments - again!

Conrad's friendship with Heidi Montag fizzled after LC accused her of spreading false rumors about a sex tape, which Montag denies. This running feud was the basis for an entire season of The Hills, as fans probably know.

Heidi Montag â€" who appeared with Spencer Pratt on Banks' show â€" claims that the sex tape was "not a rumor. From what I have heard from confirmed sources, her ex-boyfriend was going around trying to sell it."

Banks then asked Heidi Montag, if she hadn't seen the actual Lauren Conrad sex tape, how could she be so sure it existed.

"Well, I mean, I am not sure she has it anymore... but from what I've heard. I am not really allowed to elaborate."

Sure thing. Go have some more plastic surgery and stage some more bikini photos on the beach, you publicity-hogging dweebs!

To find out more, watch the full interview on The Tyra Banks Show Tuesday, and be sure to mock Tyra Banks when you do. Way to have supposedly serious shows about vaginas and the difficult of being overweight... then follow it up with this nonsense.


Lauren Conrad is my all time idol first offf. . .ive been watching this show since it was created and i HIGHLY doubt lauren would do such a thing. SPENCER AND HEIDI neeed to get lives & mind their businesss because they are stupid, scums. Heidi Montag is FAR from a true friend and apparently she never was. If shes not the one that spread the RUMOR & it was her boyfriend then she would leave him cause no true friend lets her bf do that to someone she loves. look at the way he trreats her family!!!! i g2g before i catch some cases


i have a question Michelle..if heidi and spencer would take a lie detector test then why dont they? hmmm? Clearly the sex tape ISNT real.All the Magazines with heidi's on the front of it gives the magazine people money and heidi the publicity!! thats why heidi is saying this. Also if u go on MTV.com and watch season 3 episode 10 Jen and lauren are going out for lunch. jen says that heidi think brody started the sex tape rumor. So if heidi said it was all brody then it couldnt of been her. Now in interveiws in the past month or 2 heidi and spencer have been saying that in season 1 of the hills heidi and lauren were trying ti get the sex tape back from jason. Well if in season 3 they had nothing to do with the sex tape
(according to heidi) then how did she know about 1 in season 1? makes no sence... heidi needs to think of better plans before she shares them with the world cause now we know the truth even tho i never once thought lauren had or has the tape.


I think Lauren did have a sex tape with Jason and somehow she got it back and destroyed it. Honestly, I know people hate Spencer and Heidi but why would they keep talking about this tape if she didn't make it. I think Heidi of all people knows for a fact if Lauren made one or not because Lauren told Heidi about it when she and Heidi were friends and Heidi knows all about Jason and saw the whole thing go down between them. Heidi then told Spencer about the problem with Lauren not really thinking about it. I think she just confided in her boyfriend like most girls do and being that he hates Lauren he went and told everybody about it. Also,the fact that Heidi and Spencer will take a lie detector test to prove she did says a lot. They know Lauren won't take one because she will fail because it's true and she doesn't want to ruin her good girl image!!!


The Tape-situation , is really fun :D


Spencer is a TOOL and Heidi is TOOL HAG!! I've had enough of these two talentless media whores.


Money must be tight cos that horse is long dead... but u keep floggin it guys!!!!!!! good work... real classy!!!! u sad sad pair of freaks!!!!!! and seriously Spencer GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Isn't funny how Heidi forgot about her friends while things were hot and heavy with Spencer, and now that things are on the skids, she is dying to become friends with everyone again? I hope she stays away from Spencer because he's such a loser...I mean, where does he get his money since it appears as though he never works, yet we see Hiedi working. Is he a trust-fund baby, who feels as though he doesn't feel the need to work? Heidi could do better. I feel bad for her. At the same time...I wonder how the friendship between Lauren and Audrina will hold out now that Audrina is speaking with Heidi again. It appears as though Lauren is a control freak and I believe she will stop being friends with Audrina because of her renewed friendship with Heidi. Let's see what happens.... I love THE HILLS, even though it turns out to be staged.


So I guess until we all stop watching the show and stop buying the magazines, these idiots are not going to go away! I like Lauren, I think ultimately she can make it on her own without the show because she has a clothing line, so that's her talent. Heidi on the other hand has her fake ass boobs, those awful duck lips, and her pretentious music. I mean come on, how much can you keep milking this sex tape thing to get on a show! They only do that because, lets be honest they're really not that interested! I don't care about heidi's music, I can barely stand her voice talking, I can't imagine singing! I guess that's where hollywood and MTV have gone wrong, giving these mediocre people a spot where they can enjoy the perks of celebrities without having to do the work or have talent. I'm really sick of all their fake gossip and manufactured relationship! They don't care about each other because if they did they wouldn't go on a talk show and make complete fools of themselves!


OMG,,,,can this two stop it already. In the first place....it is none of their business if she did a sex tape. So what??? If she did, it is something between her and her ex......no business of Spencer or Heidi even talking about it. As for Heidi , I cannot even believe she has sunk this low to even say anything about it. Enough already.......they spend more time trashing Lauren.....than do anything positive about anything. What a bunch of tackless losers who got famous for being in a show that was made for Lauren......Stupid morons.


OK - this is getting really old. What is their business going around trying to prove that there is a sex tape. So WHAT?????? It's LC business and Heidi should have more class than sink that low. Even if she is an ex-friend.......she should just keep those fake lips shut. Disgusting Attention Whores. They really make me sick.

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