Face-Off: Will Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Last?

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got married out of nowhere, casting doubt as to whether this union is destined for success. That's the subject of today's Face-Off. Comments are highly encouraged as The Hollywood Gossip staff debates ...


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YES by mischalova

The 2002 movie Drumline stars Nick Cannon as a talented street drummer that, according to IMDB, "initially flounders in his new world, before realizing that it takes more than talent to reach the top."

That quote might as well sum up Nick Cannon's love life, as well.

Having floundered in the dating world with Kim Kardashian and Selita Ebanks in the past, it's now apparent Cannon desires more, seeking a soulmate that brings more than just large breasts and lingerie to the table.

Enter Mariah Carey, the most successful solo artist of all-time.

Years ago, she sang about a "hero [coming] along, with the strength to carry on," but none of her rumored flings fit that bill. Eminem, Marcus Schenkenberg and Derek Jeter were nothing but time and panty fillers until Mariah's true hero came along.

Now that he's arrived, let's let Carey explain why this marriage is meant to last: "We really feel we are soulmates. I never felt love like this was in the cards for me."

NO by Free Britney

Are you kidding me? Nick Cannon was engaged to Selita Ebanks, what, last week? Okay, so they split last October. But come on. Rebound, anyone?

This means Nick has been an item with Mariah Carey for a total of seven months at the absolute most, and probably not even quite that long.

Regardless, everyone knows in the first year of a relationship, all you can think about is your partner. But this is only true in certain situations.

Chiefly, up against the wall, over a dryer, in a public bathroom, etc. You get the idea. Double the time frame if said partner is as hot as Mariah Carey.

Our point? These two haven't even passed the blinded-by-sex threshold. Busy schedules, clashing egos and critical life decisions haven't come into play.

That, and look at their history - Nick cheated on Christina Millian, dated Kim Kardashian (!?) and after breaking up with Selita Ebanks, is 0-1 in engagements. Mariah Carey, meanwhile, is already 0-1 in marriages (to Tommy Mottola).

Stable track records? Not so much. I give it eight months.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon make a hot couple - but for how long?!


i hope nick cannon enjoys it! but i hope mariah's a nice mom! i really hope she'll be nice to her children!




They deserve it. I wish I am nick


Tiffany WAKEUP. They dated 2 2wks & got engage, & got married in the 5th week. MC has always said she is very very close 2 her Mom Patricia . Yet Patricia knew nothing about them dating nor was she @ the marriage.
IF U CANT BRING YOUR PARTNER TO YOUR FAMILY THERE IS A BIG PROBLEM. They wont last. & expect her next cd 2 be a breakup cd like teh songs MJB has given us over the yrs.


I am so happy for Mariah Crarey she found her soulmate you go girl who cares what other think if you both have God first in your life. Nobody can not take your happies away from both of you God Bless both of you Tiffany Parm


hey nick you are my idol, you and mariah are a really great couple. just dont blow it!! consider yourself a lucky man. peace.


hmmm, well that is what I said about Halle Berry and Garibel Abrely Oh wait! she didn't even marry him.lol Now what was Halle really looking for from this guy, Well? ,


um um um????


I give it 4 months. Hope she signed a pre-nup :)

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