Britney Spears: Dating Jason Trawick?

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Rocking a flowy purple dress (on a day that was apparently chilly) Britney Spears visited her manager - and rumored boyfriend - Jason Trawick.

Whether their meetings are more about pleasure than business has left fans and media filled with curiosity, pondering the following questions:

  • Are they dating or just working together?
  • If so, is this destined to be a long-term relationship or just another in her long line of flings?
  • What ever happened to Adnan?
  • Who the heck is Jason Trawick?

Britney Spears braves the cold to see Jason Trawick.

Of the possible romance, a source close to the family said: "Jamie Spears thinks Jason would be a great match for Britney. She's always had a thing for bad boys, but now she realizes good guys can be attractive, too."

After her "business" meeting, which may have pertained to her career "comeback," Britney Spears continued on with her uneventful but pleasant day, smiling ear to ear as she paid a visit to the local gym for a workout.

UPDATE: These two are linked together yet again in March 2009! Follow the link to read all about the recent rumors surrounding Britney and Jason!

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Where is the dude? That Travis guy? Where is he in the pic?


Britney deserves a great guy, and I truly hope and pray that she is dating Jason. Aside to Patty: Britney is really a sweet and kind woman, who would never hurt your cousin.


Enough. Thank you Kaitlyn for your observasion of my cousin. Yes, he is a great guy and quite frankly his family is worried about him. NOT Briitany.




I hope that she's dating 37 year old Jason Trawick. He's mature, succesful, and a class act!guy!


That other blog - I don't like you...., they are always knocking the hell out of Britney Spears. Like a personal little bitch war against her! That blog sucks!! This is a much better place, tells it like it is without tearing someone apart. BEST WISHES FOR BRITNEY IN ANYTHING SHE DOES!!


Seriously, you need to check out this website - OMG!
I wonder if Britney is on there?