Jeff Archuleta Speaks Out on Relationship with Son

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While millions of girls scream in delight over David Archuleta every week on American Idol, his father has come under fire for screaming of a different kind.

Celebrity gossip site, for example, has reported that Jeff Archuleta - a 47-year-old small business owner in Salt Lake City - has "screamed at his son and has even withheld water during rehearsals, even bringing his son to tears."

Is Jeff truly this hard on his talented offspring? Us Weekly recently spoke with him to find out...

How would you characterize your involvement with David's career?
Because I'm also a musician, I'm probably a little bit more involved. I kind of look at it like, 'I'm David's music consultant,' someone he can bounce ideas off, who can help him because I do have a lot of experience.

How do you collaborate with David?
When we have a chance to sit down and talk - which is usually at night or in the morning - we'll discuss the songs and the choices he has. He'll ask me what I think, and I'll ask him what he feels good about, and we'll arrive at a consensus. Sometimes he'll call his mom up and get her in-put. We have a family team that tries to help David feel good about his song choices.

When did you realize he had this talent and how did you encourage him?

I first realized he had talent when he was 4 or 5, and his mom taught him to play "Little Drummer Boy" and a church song on the piano. He played very well, but he was very shy and didn't really sing much. When we moved from Florida to Utah when he was 6, we didn't have a piano. I gave him a video to listen to one day just to keep him and his little brother busy while my wife and I were unpacking.

He listened to this video of [Les Misérables] literally the entire day. When I came back, David had memorized several of the songs, complete with the Cockney accent. He was just belting out these songs, in tune, and I thought, 'Wow, he's really got a good ear.'

Over the next couple of years, he got quite into musicals, like Into the Woods and Evita. He'd watch the videos and sing the songs, and I could tell he definitely had talent. When he was 10 and learning Celine Dion and some Whitney Houston songs, I started hearing that he was going after the runs and the licks that usually [only] the divas can do.

But he still didn't want to sing much, so we just had to wait until he wanted to. Then when he did, we just tried to find opportunities for him. We never were the type of parents who had him be in every talent show. He was in one talent competition when he was 10, and the next one he was in was Star Search.

He did very well. He had just turned 12 and ended up winning his particular division, Junior Singer. Obviously, he realized then that people like to hear him sing, and it gave him more confidence. The best thing was the feedback from people â€" that's been David's motivation. He thought, 'Wow, if I can make people feel good through my singing, then I feel good singing.' That's what he thrives on.

On the March 25 episode, viewers saw a glimpse of a girl. Ryan Seacrest said David was taking her to prom. True?
That wasn't accurate at all â€" that was just something Ryan said. Someone must have said something just because there was a friend of his [there] who happened to be a girl. It wasn't a girlfriend; she's more like his sister.


You know what?? This is insane! David deserves the life he wants to have. He was born to sing, he was given a gift that gave him the opportunity to turn him into the amazing star that he is. That should never be taken away from him. His dad, however, shouldn't treat him like that. Don't send the poor guy into tears, when David busts his rear end into making good music and he sings his heart out to all of it, and impressing his fans. He shouldn't stop. He should keep singing! I'm a huge fan of David Archuleta, and I hope to see him in concert one day. Whenever he'll come to Seattle, Washington, where I live. Whatever he wants to do, he shouldn't be pressured on it. He shouldn't be screamed at or put into tears, breaking the poor guys' heart the way that it was. He should do whatever he feels comfortable with doing. Don't worry David, good things will come your way soon. I promise! Cheer up, hun! Everything will be okay.


Ok. Listen.. we dont know if hes gay or not! but just so everyone can shut up this is how were gonna put it. well this is how i see it, ok David archuleta is in the CLOSET. BUT!.... he doesnt know that. he doesnt know that he is in the closet because its dark. its dark cuas theres no light.. no light bulb. theres no light. so he doesnt know it. he confused. ok. got it? get it? GOOD!


LISTEN PEOPLE! Im Tired of all THis CRap of.." Oh DAVids straight and oh davids GAY! it doesnt matter if hes gay or straight! none of us know what he is! the only person that knows if hes gay or not is him!! if Hes GAY well then great! david Ur gay and thats awsome! live ur life. If HEs straight well then David ur straight thAts aWsoME live ur liFE! why do people care so much what he is? its not like if ur gonna get his D*** in your mouth as soon as you find out what his sexuality is!


TO SOMEONE: can i have david's myspace account?


NO.i dnt believe s000000..!
but, if this may come into TRUTH..let us just please dnt react and judge sinfully rightaway.Let us all people of the earth bear in mind that IMPERFECTIONS are w/in us! that's where we should believe in! but then..haha!
such rumors really really trying to destroy david's career..Isn't that a pathetic question to be asked guyz? RUMORS are LIES!why you pe0ple c0uldnt just leave him al0ne in his OWN LIFE! theres no need of attacking his this much.There's n0 good effect of putting s0meones silent life int0 n0ise!!! you're d0ing an UNRIGHTEOUS and UNREASONABLE act..please yah betcha people hear what GOODNESS calls y0u in..please STOP!
believe me!
nomatter what the st0ry g0es! i'm still DAVID ARCHULETA'S BIGGEST fan..g0!g0!g0! david! cheer up!


Who Cares? David is human, just as you and I, and deserves his private life to be kept private if he so wishes. Yeah, I hope David's gay, as we need some teen celebs on our side, that and the fact that he is GORGEOUS! But think about it. Being attracted to the same sex is less different than not loving at all, so in that since, what's the big deal?


where do jeff come from?


I am coming late to this discussion and frankly had not been aware of these rumours before I stumbled across this page. However I am having a distinct feeling of Deja Vu here since I am old enough to remember ALL the same rumours about Donny Osmond and all the other Osmonds when they hit the scene LOL Too funny. The ' if you are not having sex ( of some kind) then you must be gay' argument is such sour grapes. People actually have convinced themselves that self control is unnatural I guess.


Well u all can believe me or not but david sent me a message on myspace this was the REAL david for your info he does have a private myspace he sent me a message....i still have the message even thought i deleted my profile...and in the message all of things were answered but he couldnt add me because of his management and he said that if it was up to him he would...i tried to request him 4 times but then i sent a message and he replied back and in the message that sent him i spilled my guts to him...their was more to the message though that he sent me though but i just thought i would leave a comment about it...and to clear things up david is gay...leave him alone girls he wont go out with u and u have no chance with him...dream on


oh and by the way you cannot conclude it must be the case Davids not gay because no one has proven it, therefore your making an appeal to ignorance. he could b gay or straight or bi who knows,but you cannot make a certain conclusion unless u have FACTS

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