Tila Tequila Describes Her Perfect Man. Or Woman.

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The second season of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila will have "a lot more drama" than the original. So says the bisexual at the center of this reality show.

What else did Tila Tequila have to say about her taste in men and/or women?

A Shot of Tequila

"Well, I'm really not into bimbos," she said in a recent interview. "Male or female. People don't believe me when I say that, but it's true. I like smart people I can relate to on an emotional and mature level."

We've heard that's also the reason why Reggie Bush is dating Kim Kardashian.

As for which gender she prefers, Tequila makes Bill Maher look like a conservative with her open-mindedness:

"I'm more into the person than the gender. Girls are soft, and we get each other and can have deep conversations. Men are nice, too, because they feel strong and secure."

More than anything, the person who will get to see Tila Tequila nude on a regular basis must be grounded.  This MySpace celebrity isn't looking for the biggest party animal:

"People have this perception that I'm a wild party girl, out every night. But the truth is I'm at home, watching the History Channel."

Right. The History of Sex Channel, we bet!


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They are much hotter this time. Before season 1, I didn't know that I would be into the dikish kind of girls. I thought I was only into lipstick lesbians. But the show actually helped me open up and I realized that I do like the butchy girls a lot.

Tila Tequila [on season two contestants]

I think nerdy stuff is sexy. I like to watch the History Channel and learn about the universe, quantum physics and stuff like that.

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