There is No Kristin Davis Sex Tape, Rep Claims

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Kristin Davis' rep says there is no sex tape of her.

We weren't sure if the headline cleared that up or not.

Gorgeous Kristin

Despite the fact that 20 sexually explicit photos allegedly of Sex and the City movie star Kristin Davis are making the rounds online, the actress' camp is issuing denials that it's her naked booty being tapped feverishly on video.

The alleged Kristin Davis sex tape she made with an unnamed ex-boyfriend five years ago, according to numerous celebrity news blogs.

But her rep issued a statement earlier today stating that: "This is not a photo of Kristin Davis. There is no sex tape." 

Another still photo of nude Kristin Davis from the supposed sex tape. 

TMZ reports that while some photos from the tape definitely look like it's Davis getting it on, others do not, casting serious doubts about the whole thing.

Stunning news, really.


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