Hillary Clinton Cries, Breaks Down on Campaign Trail

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With her poll numbers slipping and Barack Obama surging, Hillary Clinton became extremely emotional during a campaign stop in New Hampshire.


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    Pretty one..I can give it that..not more than that. Shes just not familira with the concept of 'Work'.



    No one likes a CRY BABY!


    yo dawgggg.
    i think you'd rather a president that cries rather than one like bush, who hasn't a care in the world about our troops in iraq.


    BTW...for all you ppl who think it was emotion...well if it was...then i dont want an emotional president...i want a strong confident person who will say what? you got a problem wit the U.S.? well ffffff uuuuuu thenn...last thing i want is a woman to start crying cuz things dont go her way...just go hide in a corner...go on its ok...hey hillary....if u dont get the votes to make u win....just blame the crying incident on ur period...haha


    Hillary Clinton as president? haha what a joke. Not just because she is a woman, but an inexperienced and fake woman. Hillary will cry over anything and at least obama would be willing to strap a bomb to himself if things get that bad haha...I'm for any Rep over a Dem...at least they aren't scared to do what is right.. And take all the oil we can, who cares about Iraq, nuke emmmm


    Well whatever Hillary did, breakdown or just show her emotions, the Voters believe in her. Just look at the Votes of last night in NH.

    Go Hillary!! You have my Vote!


    Come on! WTF?! Is it merely a coincidence that she just starts bawling her eyes out right when she needs the extra votes? I mean who the hell would feel pity for her? Seriously.

    Effff everyone, Obama is da bom!

    Especially that ass Mitt Romney! What an arrogant jerk!


    ok hillary will be the best president ever!!


    Crying and breaking down...who writes this blog, a drama queen? All Hillary did was show a bit of emotion and the misogynists start THEIR breakdowns. Guess not everybody in N.H. is a pink and purple blogger.


    she's sooo scandolous....we dont need a president like that in our country...how will she react when somebody is bombing us

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