Coming Soon: The Hills Season 3 Finale Blowout

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The half-hour, third-season finale of The Hills on December 10 will be only a small part of a big two-day bash MTV is planning for its top reality TV series.

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    The host is hot he has a very strong voice. the cettostanns should be segregated and sat down in seats if possible cettostanns that have went up should stand aside and the ones that haven't should have a shot also remind the cettostanns to be more enthusiastic don't stand there like a bump on the long


    omfg! the hills is the best thing on mtv



    First, Heidi and Spencer: two narcissistic people who love to love themselves have found a way to love each other. If you would call what they have "LOVE"

    Heidi: "hey baby, all I want is to be in front of the cameras and in all the magazines. I want to be a memorable blonde."

    Spencer: "Hey, no fair I want to be a memorable blonde too. Let's toss a coin for it."

    Second, The recent episode of the Hills was pretty interesting. While Brody and Lauren were eating dinner and talking about the canadian whore, there was a moment between them that was real. The way they both looked at each other and their demeanor indicates much more than attraction. Somehow Mr. Playerlistic (Brody) ended up falling for his friend Lauren. It's apparent in the way he looks at her now. As for Lauren, she's a very smart lady and I don't blame her for being cautious of Brody. However, in the game of love you have to take risks. If it doesn't work out in the end, take it as a lesson learned.


    I personally don't understand why anyone likes Heidi and Spencer and would feel the need to defend them. If they are not liked it is because of what they themselves portray on t.v. I love this show and can't wait to see what happens next between Lauren and Brody. I would watch this show religiously if it were just those two and noone else. They are fabulous and I hope they manage to work it out and become a couple again. Can't wait to see what Season 4 has in store for us. Hopefully plenty more of Brody Jenner.


    I personally wouldn't mind if Lauren just vanished BUT I'd love to see Heidi do a season four. I honestly wouldn't do it if I were her but the girl makes the show!! Please tell me she's "in" because if not, Lauren's going to have to face the sad reality that she simply isn't interesting enough to carry the show alone and neither are any of her other friends. TEAM HEIDI FOREVER.


    I must agree that Heidi is ok! although i feel that she is beginning to resent Spencer for his deliberate attempts to isolate her from all of her friends, she naively confides in Stephanie as a friend but should realise that she is a Pratt (punn intended) and that will never match what she had with LC or even Jen Bunny. Heidi is now alone and has willingly sacrificed everything and everyone for Spencer but he gives her nothing in return... eloping? are u freakin serious? and if u think that Spencer doesn't control Heidi's friendships, or lack of, what about her job? He encouraged her to step in on Elodie's parade but then... SHOCK when she has to ... Work!!! he gets all angry with her. He is bad news! she should leave him and spend some time finding herself again because in the first two seasons u can see she is a nice girl


    Well yeah we are kinda forced into watching this dumb BS. Cuz a bunch of gossipy girls like one reality TV Show then every damn network has a clone of it, one female pop singer breaks out named Brittney, then every music station is flooded with Slutty pop singers and boy band wannabe's. You guys eat this crap up so much the networks flood it to the point you can't turn on TV anymore. Thank god for Sports at least.


    I love Heidi! And spencer treats her so cute and people need to realize that the only reason that he does hate lauren is bc SHE HATED HIM FIRST for his "player ways" which jason also had. I think it was wrong that Heidi "forgot" about her best friend when she was busy falling for spencer but THATS THE ONLY THING to be mad about. Spencer does have a reason to hate lauren bc she hated him first. Thats understandable. ps my name is heidi too so maybe thats why i think this way lol. Heidi is a good person and spencer treats her so good and is so cute most of the time when theyre not having a fight.




    I Love The Hills;) I will be waiting for season 4 :)!!

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