Random Couple Alert: Elle Macpherson and Bryan Adams

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Evidently, everything Bryan Adams does, he does for... Elle MacPherson.

Great Britain's Daily Mail reports the pair enjoyed a passionate kiss at a private party in Adams' London home Tuesday after the launch of his new photo exhibition.

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"They were all over each other, flirting outrageously and they couldn't keep their hands or eyes off each other," a source said, causing our minds to wonder about the true meaning behind the singer's hit, "Summer of 69."

Bryan Adams is seeing Elle Macpherson nude?!? Makes us wish we were a washed up rocker.

Earlier this week, Adams launched an exhibition of new photographic portraits, called Modern Muses, in The Hospital in Covent Garden.

Following the event, he threw a private Mexican-themed party at his Chelsea home, which Elle and many others attended. As the super model was leaving, the couple didn't hide its feelings.

"They enjoyed a passionate snog at his front door when they thought nobody was looking," the source said, using the funny British word for "kiss."

Looks like Marco Jaric has competition in the Luckiest Boyfriend in the World department.


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