Readers Decry Simon Monjack, Pray For Brittany Murphy

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The Hollywood Gossip's readers were quick to rush to the defense of Mandy Moore's new boyfriend, Greg Laswell. Another spoke out to quash rumors of Kevin Federline going wild in Las Vegas.

Simon Monjack is not so fortunate.

Mr. & Mrs. Monjack

Since announcing the screenwriter's surprise marriage to Brittany Murphy, we've been inundated with comments bashing this mysterious gentleman (and we use that term loosely).

Some angry celebrity gossip readers have levied pretty serious allegations against him. And not the standard (Tameka Foster-esque) "he's not good enough for her" variety.

One of the rumors floating around the Internet: Simon Monjack is a manipulative con artist. Yeah. Some think this guy is as slimy as Spencer Pratt... and a crook to boot.

Who is this Simon Monjack character? Some of our fans seem to think they know ... and maybe wish they didn't. Here's a sampling of the comments we've received.

Simon was married before has a daughter who lives in the UK with her mother.

SIMON (no relation) writes:
Simon is a con artist. He conned his last girlfriend out of her car and money. Left her with awful credit. Frequently uses different SS #'s. He left his other girlfriend in London with a $20,000 credit card bill she was unaware of until he was long gone. He is a master at lying. Brittany BEWARE!!!

SARA writes:
Simon Monjack has been married before and has taken women for every penny they had. He is a con man and bought his last finacee a fake diamond ring! He is bad news. Good luck Britney [sic].

EBERTO writes:
i can't belive brittany doesn't know any better! i have first hand knowledge of this guys grifter ways. everyhting that's being said above is %100 [sic] true!!

CHARLES writes:
Simon Monjack is a tremendous con artist, sociopath and thief. It is amazing that he is still on the loose and not in jail! He has conned women into giving him money, changed his phone number all the time (pretending he was important), he somehow lost his family's money on the truly horrific film "Two Days Nine Lives" and has been scrambling to catch a wealthy or at least connected women to open doors for him.

KATE writes:
The world is an unfortunate place because Simon Monjack is in it. He stalks J DATE (Jewish online dating service) for unsuspecting women and fools them with his charismatic personality, British accent, and pseudo wealth, in order to live off of their money. Simon's evil knows no bounds.

K writes:
Simon Monjack, still pulling a fast one. Now he has the money he has always desired. Brittany's. Didn't her people check him out? Poor thing, she is the next victim and he is smiling his usual manipulative smile. I hope she has very good attorneys. She will need them. Tragic.

Yikes. If this stuff is true, it's terrifying.


Congrats, Kate. I have a nice picture from Chicago of you and the nbishulg groom. I'll try and remember to send it on. My personal archives are annual folders of all sorts of stuff, a trunk of papers my mother gave me, a variety of journals and books of writings, and a coupld other things. Not very well sorted. My mom, on the other hand (a retired librarian) has 25 years of weekly correspondence, journals from when she was a youngster on, email, and god knows what else neatly arranged and cross-referenced. I think she's using it for a memori of her 30+ years as a missionary. So my advice would be call my mom!


i pray she had a will and he doesnt get away with this
too,she was so beautiful.....he is so gross ....i guess
she didnt not realize how beautiful she was ...


Please let's hope Simon finally goes to jail. It is an insult that he is still a free man after all the distruction he has caused in his life. Not all the people he conned were greedy...many tried to help him and gave him large sums of money for his various "cancers". Time for justice.


i also beleive she never got over ashton and that
was her downfall she really loved him....she was in a drugged
state i beleive when she married conjack and he just finished
her off ..i hope daddy takes care of him...we have lost
a truely gifted person and i cannot stop crying for her .


i believe he killed her with drugs for her money
u can tell how innocent she was


So basically all these stupid women fell for his "fake" money, honestly, they deserved it for being greedy. How can you all be adults and let a man "control" your life with silly insults?. Anyone in their right mind would just grab the bags, take their children and move on, or give him a kick in the butt out. And Im amazed these women were so stupid to give him their money to start with.
YO, wake up retard women out there, you want Gucci buy it yourself!.


i heard they found her w/ her mouth duct taped.


doesnt matter now she's dead... wonder if he was involved....


Brittany Murphy died this morning of cardiac arrest 12/20/09 at 10:00am. RIP Brittany and may the Lord Jesus give your family peace during this time. Lord Jesus, draw near to this family - Amen.


I am reading this on the tragic day of Brittany's death. If this guy is responsible he will be punished to the fullest. There is obviously alot in his past to be looked at.

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