In Defense of Greg Laswell ...

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Make fun of Perez Hilton and numerous celebrities are in your corner.

Mock Pete Wentz and no one seems to care.

But mention that Mandy Moore could do better than Greg Laswell and watch as readers rush to the defense of this singer/songwriter. Because The Hollywood Gossip is nothing if not the voice of our fans, here are examples of what you had to say, verbatim, about the greatness of Greg Laswell …

Adrian: Greg is an extremely talented song writer. Wise up.

Stephanie: Okay, hold up, kids. You don't know Greg Laswell!!! I've seen him live several times and not only does he have the most beautiful voice on the planet, he's also so freaking hot and hilarious! So maybe Greg Laswell can do better…

Joe S. : greg laswell is an amazingly talented musician, not to mention the fact that he is gorgeous and funny as hell. if you ever have the chance to see him perform live. your opinion on the guy will do a complete 180. i mean go to his myspace page and read his blog, listen to his music. do some research before you form an "opinion" on someone. this shows an amazing lack of credibility on your part.

Andrew: Considering you are the Hollywood Gossip you sure don't know your head from your a-s when it comes to musicians…get a clue…Greg is amazing!

Easy there, Andrew. We appreciate your thoughts - along with those of everyone who writes in to our celebrity gossip blog - but we can typically tell the difference between good musicians and poor ones. We have been dissing Brooke Hogan for months, remember.

But we appreciate your comments and encourage them throughout the site. In fact, here's another topic to get opinions going:

Would you rather see Britney Spears nude or Tricia Helfer nude?


Would you rather see Britney Spears nude or Tricia Helfer nude? I don't know who Tricia Helfer is, but I'd rather see a heifer nude, or even a piglet, than Britny Spears.


Greg is quite good-looking in real life (think Ryan Gossling in Half Nelson - hello scruffy hotness!), but that is a horrible photo. Obviously you picked it with a purpose, since there are TONS of better pictures out there of Greg. Way to keep the gossip columnist cliche alive by picking the worst photos available. Don't give yourself credit for recognizing good music because you know Brook Hogan is a joke. EVERYONE thinks Brook Hogan sucks. Go listen to Greg's album "Through Toledo," and I mean REALLY listen to it. Don't just pretend like you did or judge his music based on photographs the way you did his relationship with Mandy.


This Greg guy looks old enough to be her dad and he looks like a bum with all that stubble. Mandy is never smiling with him so I'm sure he must be a real fun guy..... You're 23 Mandy not 45 stop looking for daddy already and have some fun.


Hooray to Greg the great. If you knew Greg before and how much he's been through, only to come out on top, first with the recent and much deserved success of his music, and then to have found a great relationship with Mandy is worth defending. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Real fun to put people down who chase their dreams and find them. You people don't have a prayer.


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