Britney Spears Still Clubbing, Dissing Mom

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What do you do when you get out of rehab?

Try to make sense of your life, get your floundering career in order, spend time with your two tiny kids and keep things low key at at home, right?

Britney Spears Camel Toe

Of course. That's why TMZ caught up with the newly-rehabbed Britney Spears twice at Hollywood nightclubs in the past week alone. Ah, yes. The perfect place for a traveling train wreck to be hanging out.

Last Thursday, Spears hit up a fave L.A. hotspot, Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel, taking over two large booths in the back of the club.

A group of massive bodyguards held up large black curtains to obstruct the view of anyone trying to sneak a peek at Britney Spears and her posse as they partied the night away. 

Then just two nights ago, Britney showed up at Les Deux in Hollywood, where she hung out until past 2:00 a.m. TMZ reports that the former Mrs. Kevin Federline again brought a whole gang of security guards to surround her VIP booth.

Our girl's bodyguards were on the prowl for intruders and set to confiscate cameras from anyone who tried to take any Britney Spears photos.

Spears' rep's take on the issue?

"So what?!? It's not a crime."

Good work, all. In other Britney news, things have gotten so "toxic" with Brit and her mom, Lynne, that according to reports, the lip-syncher wouldn't even go see her mother in the hospital. On Mother's Day.

The wigger has "cut off all communication with her mom" and is "flat-out refusing to speak" to Lynne Spears, even ignoring her on Mother's Day when Mama was hospitalized with pneumonia, MSNBC reports.

Oh, and the problem-stricken mother of little Sean Preston and Jayden James reportedly didn't call her their grandma on her birthday, either.

Where's the beef? Brit is still "furious" that mom made her go to rehab, feels "betrayed" and "refuses to get over it," says a source.


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