Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack Secretly Tie the Knot!

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We're used to people with the name Britney hooking up with random dudes and getting married a lot. But usually it's Britney Spears doing the deed.

The Gossip was thrown for a loop when it learned Brittany Murphy recently married screenwriter Simon Monjack, which Us Weekly reported this morning.

Mr. & Mrs. Monjack

We were pretty clueless about these surprise nuptials, if you know what we're saying. We're saying Brittany Murphy starred in the movie Clueless back in 1995. 

The 29-year-old actress, who called off an an engagement to another man (Joe Macaluso) just over eight months ago, was spotted partying with Simon Monjack at the Playboy event at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

They were both wearing wedding rings

"[Murphy and Simon Monjack] were drinking Crown Royal, and [they] didn't want photographers to take pictures of their rings because they were waiting to make a formal announcement on Monday."

Monjack's recent writing credits include Factory Girl, which features a nude Sienna Miller.

The source adds, "They were dancing in the V.I.P. section and around DJ Reach's booth. They looked very excited, happy and jovial."

This is the first marriage for Brittany Murphy, who also briefly dated Ashton Kutcher.

We can only guess how this must have shocked their families. With any marriage, you expect a period in which the parents can get to know their future in-laws, like with Kanye West's mom and Alexis Phifer.


you know you have 2 step daughters and a daughter with an ex-wife in the UK. Brittany and her minders are clueless. this is not a fantasy. he does not pay child support and his mother is an enabler.


Please please make sure this monster stops hurting people. Brittany is truly Clueless and Simon Monjack has her lying for him now re: that their families knew each other for 15 years. The truth must come out!


Send your emails to We are a legitimate group filing lawsuits and working diligently to bring this demonic menace down. FYI: Monjack's next immigration hearing is set for July 14th. His Alien Registration Number and the number to call re: when the hearing occurs and where, is available upon request. Show up and tell the judge why this criminal should not be allowed to be in this country ranging around as a free man continuing to take people for all they're worth. He belongs in jail. We are eager to hear from you. You will be protected, and please be sure that if you're Conjack ala Mon-jackal, we'll know and will not respond, but use your email in court.


Simon has a daughter and an ex-wife is true. That he is a con artist, charmer, thief has no conscience and sociopath which equals bi-polar is true.
Cubic z is his mo, I have seen it with my eyes.
Time for action including from Brittany.
Salaciousness will only entertain him and he thrives on attention.
SOS for Brittany!


Simon got drunk on snake bites at Marlow Rugby Club


John, thank you for sharing, I think there are many of us who could tell endless stories about this freak of nature. We should have posted him on It is amazing that he got away with it for so long... Thank you Brittany for taking this dreadful evil sick man off the market and exposing him due to your fame. Can't you google? He tried this with Alexandra Kerry too. Cant wait to read the Enquirer and hope that other publications pick up the story too.


By the way, where did you get ex-stepdaughter? I think every comment has said daughter. What, another discrepancy in his story??? Oh what a big surprise!


What would Simon have earned in the past decade (or more) to be "generous" with? The only feature he directed "Two Days Nine Lives" was a complete disaster - see BBC Review and was not shown anywhere (he sank a few million on it). So where is his "generosity" and money coming from? Did he use the money from the women he conned to buy Brittany diamonds? Talking about "conned money"! Watch out Brittany, this guy is desperate and has pulled you into the web.


These are not rumors. The man finds Co-dependent women, and one of them was my best friend. He used her credit cards to the max with many excuses as to why he couldn't use his own. He did not pay the bills when they came and he used her entire savings account. He slowly pulled her away from family and friends. He then gave her a fake diamond ring, insisting it cost $100,000. When he left, she took it to be appraised and it wasn't even a real diamond. He then went on to his next victim having left my friend with a debt of more than $100,000. If he was so famous and wealthy, why couldn't he pay for his own meals and tennis lessons? C'mon people, see him for who he is. The only one who would insist none of these stories are true, would be Simon himself. Truthfully, I was pretty shocked to see how many other victims wrote in with similar experiences. His skill at conning other people is even more amazing than I once thought. Simon, it will all catch up with you.


I'm just an outsider. A fan of Brittany's, if you will. But I'm curious:
You still haven't identified YOURSELF...... What is your proof that he IS such a horrible person. You're attacking someone's credibility... What proof do you have that should make us believe any of what you say?

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