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Well, before Shanna Moakler could discuss the final three contestants on Dancing with the Stars in her weekly blog, she had to bid farewell to the pair that was sent packing last night:

I was hoping this day wouldn’t come, but unfortunately last night was it. [Cheryl Burke and Ian Ziering] had to go home … UGH! After last night’s dance I hope Ian is proud he finally broke out of his shell and let loose, and look what happened: 10’s across the board!!!

I was so happy for him. I feel like it was all in the wig … ironically enough it gave him confidence. At least Ian can leave knowing he left with a perfect score. I’m so sad Cheryl had to go, but she still has those two shiny trophies at home and maybe I can see her more now!!

Iman and Daniella

Ok, now for last night’s dances — OH MY GOD! Everyone was PERFECT. If I had to pick last night to send someone home, I would’ve had to flip a coin. They were ALL that great. I don’t even know where to begin.

Joey Fatone, Laila Ali, Apolo Ohnoand Ian could’ve won the trophy last night.

I think my personal favorite couple was Joey and Kym Johnson. They are so cute together and Joey has turned into quite the lil’ dancer. Who knew? I mean, I know he was in ‘Nsync, but they definitely weren’t doing dances like that on tour!!! The thing with Joey is, he makes you wanna get up and dance.

Apolo and Julianne Hough were awesome, as well. I think the judges should’ve given them the perfect score. They definitely earned it. I guess they figure they can’t give everyone perfect 10’s.

The competition definitely began last night. Everyone came out and danced their butts off, and the scores proved it. God, I can’t even think about next week. I don’t wanna see anyone else go. Maybe it can be a tie!!

We doubt it will be, Shanna. But for someone who has seen Jay Grdina nude, your judgment might be permanently impaired.