Lauren Conrad Sex Tape Update: There is None

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Here's your shocking news story of the day.

Lauren Conrad wants everyone to know that she never made a sex video with her loser ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler.

Our Favorite Smile

Let's repeat that. Sorry guys, no Lauren Conrad sex tape exists.

"There is no sex tape that exists," LC said in an interview.

Lauren Conrad also posted this message on her official website:

"Regarding the reports that have circulated on the internet this morning, [Jason Wahler] and I would like to make it clear that we did not make a tape with us having sex. Jason and I are both shocked and hurt that people would say such horrible things about us. I can't believe that somebody would go to such great lengths to try to damage my reputation. I feel very grateful and blessed to have friends and family to support me at this time. I would especially like to thank all my fans for standing by me."

You're welcome, Lauren.

The statements come in response to recent reports online (started by Perez Hilton, that dick) that a jail-bound Wahler is hoping to sell the alleged sex tape with Lauren before he gets locked up.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, the 21-year-old star of The Hills denies the existence of the sex tape and refers to her relationship with Jason by saying:

"Poor decisions are all I make with guys."

No word yet on whether Spencer Pratt started these bogus rumors of the Lauren Conrad sex tape, or how Heidi Montag and her hot new boob job feel about it.


hedi ur an ugly rat spencer your full ofyourself
audrina ur stupid bf doesnt appreiciate doesnt realise how much better you are then him
lauren i love u so much keep doing wat ur doing
rody fkn go out with lauren u both love eachother have a good root xox


Lauren i believe you in not making that sex tape. what im so mad about id heidi montag being such a lia and bad friend.I look up to you for being the person you are and being a human being and owning up to your mistakes, but also setting things straight. All i have to say is that Spencer and Heidi Montag really need a life and to let go of the drama.


Spencer looks like a white monkey (no offence)..he's such a jerk. If only LC and Jason could've stayed together they were the best couple i've seen. I heart them both!..Oh and Perez Hilton is also a jerk!


I think Heidi Can And will do better! I also think that in the end heidi will tell that spencer spread the rumor. I hope that heidi and lauren can become friends again!!!!!!!! Ad no matter what rumors are said im still a fan of lauren!!!!!!!!!!!


spencer and heidi.....backfired on the bitch haha spencer is so jealous of heidi and lauren becoming friends again


Heidi I feel sorry for you and your boyfriend. Lauren move on you rock. C


i think that they are all cool! In their own way! Who is to hate when we have enough problems in the world to think of! I see both sides of view! I say just be happy that u are alive everyday with ur family and friends! And to try to get along with everyone u know, cause u never know when ur gonna get the chance again to hang out with that person! U only have one life, so enjoy every second of it! So if any of u are reading this off the hills, i would just like to say that u are all cool and just live day by day and night by night and think about what's ahead of u! Because u still have alot to look forward to!


Is it just me or does Spencer's face look deformed around his cheek bones and chin? Spencer looks like a psycho ready to pop! BTW, what the hell does he do for a living anyway?


nahhhh heidi cant do any better. her and spencer deserve eachother. they are scum.


I think that spencer is the worst guy in the world. Heidi can do so much better. And if she thinks spencer doesn't cheat on her think again and watch the show!!!!!

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