Heidi Montag Boob Job Update: The Hills Star Speaks Out

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Let's ignore the rumors of a Lauren Conrad sex tape making the rounds for a moment. Instead, let's focus on some private parts news from The Hills that we know to be true.

As previously reported, Heidi Montag underwent breast enhancement surgery a few days ago. After leaving the Beverly Hills-based surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan, who performed the augmentation surgery, Montag told Us Magazine: "What I do to my body is for myself and is no one's business but mine."

Gross Speidi

Come on, Heidi. We somehow think Spencer Pratt will find it to be his business, as well.

Meanwhile, a source close to Montag confirms that the Colorado native did indeed get breast implants; and that she also had an Ashlee Simpson (aka, a rhinoplasty).

The source adds: "Heidi is out of the hospital and resting. She is doing great and feels really good about what she did."

The Hollywood Gossip is glad to hear it. With The Hills off the air for a few months, we're also glad that Montag is doing her part to keep the gals in the news.

Maybe Audrina Patridge can get a tummy tuck next.


Heidi is such a baby. she always plays the poor me roll when we all see that she is the most anoying. How stupid of her to take spencer back. she must want a bad relationship. She needs to grow up real fast. IM SO SICK OF HER.


Oh gosh, Heidi is stupid because Spencer is an azz...I would have done the same thing being Lauren..Lauren is a good friend and if people can't see that then they should just go w/Heidi and end up getting hurt in the end. No wonder her ex left her azz...She's an air head blondie only!


i would do her


I think spencer pushed heidi into getting a boob job just to please him. since thats all he 's about is pleasing himself. i think that heidi should stand up to spencer. they are soooo wrong for eachother


I think it is absolutely ridiculous that everyone actually cares that Heidi got a boob job and people that don't even know her judge her and say that she's insecure and that she did it to keep Spencer interested in her. I think LAUREN is ridiculous for expecting Heidi to live with her for the rest of her life, and never date anyone, and hates Heidi for having a freaking boyfriend. And I know for a fact that every woman out there has thought about changing something about herself and if you're going to try to act like you haven't then you're the insecure, stupidass.


i dont see why she wasnt happy with herself. i think its sad. i used to think heidi was kool , until she blew off wat was suppost to be her best friend lauren for her stupid boyfriend spencer , who has broke her heart before. Lauren was always there for heidi ,, but heidi picked her stupid boyfriend over her best friend, thats F'd up!!


Heidi looked much better natural..shes obviously an inscure girl who is desprate to keep her cheating low life of a boyfriend interested in her..Its sad really


i use to love heidi but then she dated spencer and blew off her best friend and got a boob job!What kind of message is she sending to her fans?


i use to love heidi but then she dated spencer and blew off her best friend and got a boob job!What kind of message is she sending to her fans?Not a good one i can tell you that much.


so lets see this boob job :)


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