Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 11

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We're reaching a bit on this one. We admit it up front. But then again, all our Celebrity Look-Alikes and going to seem like dead-ringers compared to a pair of lovely ladies whose only real common trait is DSL (and by that we mean their preferred Internet connection, of course), or a popular actor and a one-time Iraqi strongman.

Anyway, here's the latest pair of celebs we thought warranted a look-like mention. On the left, we have Leonardo DiCaprio, 31, star of Martin Scorcese's new movie The Departed. On the right, fellow actor Eric Dane, 34, a.k.a. "McSteamy" on Grey's Anatomy. Maybe you don't see it, but we think there's a resemblance between these Hollywood hunks.

Leo DiCaprio Pic
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Obeviously eric dane wins , both looks and phyisque wise as 4 the talent dicaprio is an extraordinary actor while dane is not bad , guess GOD is fair after all hehehe


WOW! Those two are mega hot! If either of them ever need a date, call me!


Wow...I'm also excited to see that I'm not the only one who thinks they look really really alike.
Actually I'm South Korean and teaches English Korean students here in South Korea. So I try to learn plenty of real life English from American TV series. And to be honest, I began learning English because I desperately loved Leo and wanted to meet and talk with him.
I was surprised when I watched Eric in Grey's Anatomy. I felt like Leo was acting as Mark Slone.
It's cool!!! Anyway...two of them are my Mcdreamy... Love you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they are both McHOT


Hello I´m from portugal and I´m seeing Greys Anatomy on TV I I think Eric Dane is one of the most hot doctors. He's Hot! :) And i prefer Eric Dane than Di Caprio...


He looks nothing like dicaprio. If you want a reall look alike, call me. His eyes are much to small and his head is too narrow.


these two must have been separated at birth!


i was just watching leonardo dicaprio on jay leno and i saw eric dane on jimmy kimmel last night... and while i was watching leonardo, i found myself thinking that he looks exactly (almost) like mcsteamy!! something about the eyes...


Good to see this. And glad to know that I'm not the only one that sees a resemblance between these two equally hot men. Maybe they'll play brothers in an intelligent film...high 'eye candy' appeal and draw awaits.


These are not really great comparison photos, but if you take pictures of McSteamy (Eric Dane) when he's got a certain expression on his face and the little bit of stubble, he looks exactly like the new, mature, and imporoved (if you ask me) Di Caprio. Hot stuff!