Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 5

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This edition of Celebrity Look-Alikes goes outside the box... or spider-hole, if you will. And we will.

While it may seem crass to liken Mel Gibson to notorious former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and it is, consider that these upstanding gentlemen have something in common. They both hate Jews! A lot! Plus, there's just something about their mutually scraggly appearance that made this photo comparison inevitable.

Mel: Troubled Fella

Who is who?

We can barely tell these guys apart! Now, before all you offended Mel supporters start bombarding us with email, think about how good the drunken, rampaging lunatic actor looks compared to the despot who once used chemical weapons on his own citizens. See? We're only trying to help Gibson out.

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i can clearly tell, the first two on the right are sadam and the second two on the left r sadam


that is so funny...they look so muc alike i cant tell who's who