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Looks like Bobby Brown won’t be going anywhere near Boston anytime soon.

A family court judge in Canton, Mass., today ordered Brown’s arrest after he failed to show up for a hearing over delinquent child support payments.

Kim Ward, of Stoughton, Mass., the mother of Brown’s teenaged daughter La Princia (what a great name) and son Bobby, Jr., claims that Brown owes her two months’ support for the children amounting to $11,000.

Alicia Etheredge with Bobby Brown
(Allen Berezovsky)

Brown also has one child with Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, and an older son, Landon, with some other woman. The singer apparently failed to knock up home-wrecker Karrine Steffans during their time together.

It’s not the first time this has happened to the low-life. Back in June 2004, Mike Tyson‘s buddy was sentenced to 90 days in jail for missing three months worth of child support payments, although the sentence was later suspended after Brown made a $15,000 payment.

This represents the latest in a long line of legal setbacks for Brown, who is being divorced by wife Whitney Houston in Los Angeles, and who may have that crazy f*%k Osama bin Laden hunting his ass down, provided the Al Qaeda mastermind is still alive in a cave somewhere. [THG NOTE: We hate him]

Brown’s Atlanta-based lawyer, Phaedra Parks (another great name) sought to employ the divorce proceedings in his defense.

“The media is very aware of this very public divorce that’s going on right now. It’s unfortunate we find ourselves in Boston on this matter,” Parks said, apparently believing that going through a divorce is grounds for not paying child support.