Laguna Beach Bad Boy Speaks Out

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Want the inside scoop on the breakup between Laguna Beach alumni Lauren Conrad and boyfriend Jason Wahler?

You know, the one that happened sometime after the season finale of The Hills, but that wasn't shown on TV?

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Well, who better to deliver the news, albeit in disjointed, convoluted fashion, than Jason himself. On his MySpace blog, he details the rumors... the turmoil... the drama... the anguish... *sniff*

Frankly, MTV bad boy Jason (left) always struck the editors at THG as a bit of a drama queen, not a very good boyfriend to Lauren, and a self-centered meathead.

With circa 1996 frosted hair. But that's just us, and beside the point.

Here's excerpts from his blog, if you want to know Jason's take on LC, their breakup, and life in general.

If there's one thing we learned from it, it's that being rich does not necessarily guarantee you a good education in this country.

And that just because you write many paragraphs about something does not mean they contain anything useful. Note that below is the abridged version...


"Alright so in the past week I've recieved [sic] tons of comments and emails saying things basically referring to Lauren & Mine's [sic] relationship. First and foremost its obviously non [sic] of your business, But theres been scandals/reports of people saying different things of why we broke up and so on....

... Let me first begin this by saying Lauren and I are not together anymore. The media has gotten the biggest kick out of it and so on. And as they seem to call it 'funny' I dont think its very funny myself... Their [sic] saying I went phycho [sic] and she broke it off with me, I was flirting with girls and so on... The next paragraph will explain the true and honest story.

... Starting around Mid/Late July after we got back from our trip, we just constantly started arguing. I'd call her and she'd be busy and couldn't talk, so she'd call me later and I didn't have time to talk. And that basically went on for about a week. Then when we finally found the time to be around each other, things just seemed to slowly drift apart.

... It's not that we didnt wanna be around each other, we just simply had nothing really to say. So withen [sic] the next week we hung out a couple times and every time we hung out it just got further and further apart to the part where it just looked like we didnt even know each other. So I basically went up to Laguna for the weekend and when I came back to Los Angeles things have just compleetly [sic] changed.

... Then all it took was me to say "so is this the end" and thats when the downpour came. We constantly fought and argued for about a week, until we just decided that we couldnt be together anymore, and our relationship just wasnt working. I was out at clubs partying, and she was doing the same and our trust for each other faded. Either way you put the relationship, it wasn't my fault, and it wasn't her fault. It just happened that way, and I'm sorry that it had too but it was the best for both of us.

... To be honest and truthfull [sic] saying goodbye to a relationship that had lasted to long with a person that I cared so much for, hurt more than anything. I would have given it all to make it work, but I put my best effort foreward [sic] and so did she and sometimes things just don't always work out the way you plan for them too.

... The only thing you can do is save their memories, keep them in your heart, and move on with your life. Which is exactly what I'm going to do. No matter what happens in life I'll always wish Lauren the best and I really hope she finds 'the one' I'm just sorry I wasnt it.

... As far as the future looks as of right now, there really isn't much of a chance for use to be together again. We're both moving foreward [sic], and hoping for the best. As of right now were just 'friends' were not good friends and were not enemys [sic].

... We dont ignore each other, but yet again we dont go out of our way to hang out. I still love her more than anything, she was my first true love. I wish her nothing but hapiness and success in life and her career.

... Maybey [sic] after the reading of this you will see me more than just 'laguna beaches [sic] bad boy' ... or at least id [sic] hope so."


Jason, you are awesome, I hope you find "the one" I love ya!! Kaz xx


hi yeah..well i think u guys look cute togathr nd uz shud get back togather u and ur new gf u guys dnt suit each other lauren is way more hotter then ur new its a bumer aye..:(


Hello, Well my names Sarah and Im From Ireland ! I Think that you are sooooo nice. You seem to really like her loads. Im just so sorry that things didnt work out for the both of you as ouy's looked pure lovley together. Anyways, I wish you all the best and as for them skumbags up there that say your lying they need to get a grip. Anyways best of luck xx


after reading ths. i really felt bad seeing the hills i really wanted you and LC to be 2gether i really don t like your girlfriend right now i really wanted you and lauren to get marry and live 2gether you guys look really cute i wish you guys could go back 2gether lova ya


If you know who Chris Crocker (the guy who FREAK OUT about B Spears, then you'll enjoy this. Also, if you know who Jason Wahler is, yeah THAT guy from Laguna Beach and Celebrity Rap Superstar. CHECK IT OUT! It's hilarious.


Ok, I might believe that if they both had jobs and what not--but they didn't! They had planned to just spend their summer @ the beach together, with no responsibilities! How can you not find time for each other? I think there is more going on then Jason is letting us know, which is fine, as it really isn't our business. however, one could say that you kind of invite us in your life/business when you decide to display your entire life on TV for all of america to see!


Jason your so hotttttt! i love you so much !!!!!!


Jason I am gay and want your body on top of mine, hopefully we will run into each other in L,A. because it is my dream. You go boy, hottie too hottie!


well first of all I just want to say that I love Jason to death, he is the sexiest man alive and he can beat me all he wants and I will even buy him his drugs, I don't care I want to marry him and have sex 10 times a day. Jason will you marry me, I love you more than anything!


Unfortunately after I read this, I didn't believe a word of it. Jason is obviously lieing because wehave all heard the rumours and heard of the arrests and abuse. And as far as I am concerned taking the time to write about someone you supposedly loved for everyone in the world to see just doesn't seem that genuine!

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