Jenna Jameson Pulls Out of Lingerie Bowl

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The 2007 Lingerie Bowl is months away, but one key player has already been placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list. Which is not un-ironic, considering her occupation.

Adult film goddess Jenna Jameson has reportedly been told she cannot play in the much-anticipated event for safety reasons. Her insurance provider fears the possibility of Jameson being injured in the event, which takes place somewhere during halftime of Super Bowl XLI. It features ladies in lingerie playing football. Badly. But come on. No one cares.

Jenna Jameson Purple Dress

Worried about the protecting the star's valuable assets, Jenna's life insurance company apparently doesn't want her lining up under center and calling for the ball(s).

We're not even sure where we were going with that one, but it sounds at least a little dirty, right? Nice.

Have no fear, fans. You will still get to see J-squared in all her glory... and underwear.

The XXX-rated "actress" will serve as the game's color commentator, decked out in alluring lingerie.

Jenna is currently separated from her husband, Jay Grdina, who aslo performs in adult films under the name Justin Sterling. Jenna is now dating former Jane's Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro, who is currently divorcing wife Carmen Electra (who is not scheduled to play in the Lingerie Bowl either, disappointingly).

Neither Jenna, nor the Lingerie Bowl, nor Prince, who is presently slated to head up the Super Bowl's actual halftime entertainment, had comment.

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