Whoopi Goldberg on Bill Cosby: He's PROBABLY Guilty!

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Last week, the world learned that Bill Cosby had admitted to drugging women with the intent to rape them while testifying in a 2005 civil case.

In the wake of that bombshell revelation, several Cosby defenders admitted that they were wrong to assume that the comic had been falsely accused. 

Singer Jill Scott apologized for defending Cosby. Dozens of former fans took to social media to declare that they now believe Cosby is indeed guilty of the many heinous crimes of which he's been accused.

But through it all, at least one celebrity stood firmly in Cosby's corner.

The View host Whoopi Goldberg defended Cosby as recently as last Tuesday, when she offered her impassioned (and somewhat misguided) take on the manner in which Cosby has been treated by the media.

This week, Goldberg sat down with ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams and acknowledged that an ever-growing mountain of evidence indicates that Cosby most likely has a long and ugly history of predatory behavior.

"I got to say all of the information that's out there king of points to guilt," Goldberg said at one point.

Check out the clip above to watch Whoopi finally come around.

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