Wendy Williams: I Knew Kevin Hunter Was Cheating for YEARS!

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Earlier this year, Wendy Williams split from Kevin Hunter after her cheating husband's mistress gave birth.

Before and after that breakup, Wendy's life has been hell. It's hard having your marriage fall apart in the spotlight.

But Wendy now says that she knew about Kevin's affair for years -- and explains the one reason why she delayed divorcing him.


Wendy Williams sat down for a SiriusXM interview with Andy Cohen.

She explains that she wanted to respond to what her husband was up to -- but only at the right time.

"I had to get my ducks in a row," Wendy tells Andy.

She reveals: "I knew a lot of things for years."

"But my son was at home," Wendy notes. "It wasn’t fair to him."

That is a profoundly good motive for holding off and enduring a little more quiet humiliation.

Wendy Williams Fights Back Tears

"I’m not going grab his hand and flee the scenes and move zip codes," Wendy explains.

"Now he has to move high schools and stuff like that," she suggests. "He’s just making friends."

It takes an amazingly good mother to correctly put her child's education and social well-being before her pride.

"Now he’s away in college," Wendy notes. "And the person I am now is very single because he’s not living with me."

She adds: "He goes to school in Miami"

So for Wendy to uproot her life isn't going to disrupt her son's life on the same level as it would have if he were still residing at home.

Wendy Williams: Happy on Set

Wendy did make it clear that she wasn't going to go along with this marital charade forever.

Andy asks if she would have stayed married to Kevin even longer had it not been for that infamous Daily Mail pic.

Wendy says absolutely not.

"I can take a lot," she expresses. "But I'm not raising a family."

That seems to be a direct reference to Kevin's lovechild and her unwillingness to support Kevin's second family. Extremely fair.

Wendy Williams on a Pride Float

While she was at it, Wendy also cleared up some rumors.

"I wasn't making out with Meek Mill," Wendy says.

She explains: "I was whispering in his ear and I kissed him, you know, goodbye."

Wendy was so familiar with him "because he performed at my son's black-mitzfah."

"I'm not feeling for Meek Mill," she clarifies. "And he's not feeling for me."

Wendy Williams Interview Pic

She also shot down a rumor that Kevin had dabbled in arson over the dissolution of their marriage.

"Kevin did not burn all my wigs," Wendy announces.

She warns listeners: "Do not believe this week's Star Magazine."

(Are there any weeks when we shouldn't heed that advice?)

Wendy did make it clear that she enjoyed being in such fancy company as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the magazine's list of Hollywood divorces.

THE Wendy Williams

Wendy's desire to shield her son from the fallout is extremely admirable.

For your average married couple, we'd usually recommend divorcing as soon as they know that they need to.

But for Wendy and Kevin, with a divorce bound to be so public -- and with the resources to immediately change zip codes -- things are different.

Wendy has said many terrible things about many undeserving people, but it looks like she has the right idea about giving her son his best chance.

That might change some people's opinions about her.

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