Vivica A. Fox: Farrah Abraham Tried to Fight Me! I Would Whup Her Ass!

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Vivica A. Fox is opening up for the first time about a memorable encounter with Farrah Abraham.

It seems the actress and the reality star very nearly came to blows after Farrah's appearance on Fox's short-lived talk show Face the Truth.

Farrah Abraham-Vivica A. Fox

As you may recall, Farrah submitted to a drug test during her appearance on the show, and ... we think it's safe to say she didn't receive the results she had hoped for.

Farrah tested positive for barbiturates, and it's anyone's guess as to how that's possible.

We were pretty sure they stopped giving those things out around the time Elvis croaked in that gas station bathroom.

Anyway, Farrah claimed the test was fake, and apparently, she absolutely lost her sh-t backstage and accused Fox of setting her up.

Vivica and Farrah

"Farrah, Farrah, Farrah," Fox said in response to a caller's question on last night's Watch What Happens Live.

"She was in huge denial to be very honest with you, she was pissed at us. And she thought that we had tainted her drug test," the actress continued.

"I was like, 'Yeah so someone else went and peed in your cup and we just brought it out here.' And so, it was sad."

Meddling with drug tests isn't the sort of activity talk show hosts usually engage in, so Vivica was understandably peeved at the accusation.

Vivica A. Fox Image

But as usual, no one was more pissed off than Farrah, who apparently got so pissed she attempted to get physical with Farrah.

"And then she said she wanted to fight me so I was like, 'You know I trained for Kill Bill  right?'" Fox continued.

"[Abraham] tried to knock out a water bottle and her thumb was out with the punch. So bad."

We're 100 percent Team Vivica on this one, but is she aware that Kill Bill came out 16 years ago, and she gets her ass handed to her in her only fight scene?

Farrah Abraham Punches a Water Bottle

Again, Farrah is wholly ridiculous, but so is that thing where actors think they're badasses simply because they once played a badass.

Just sayin'.

To her credit, Fox ended things on a positive note, saying:

"But you know I pray for Farrah and I hope she gets better especially because she's got a young daughter."

We all hope that -- but there's really no point in wishing Farrah well.

Like a toddler, once she decides she hates you, she's remarkably good at sticking to her guns.

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