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Farrah Abraham went on Face The Truth and, when she tested positive for barbiturates, emphatically did not face the truth.

In a new interview, Farrah continues to claim that the drug test somehow produced a false positive.

She’s also doubling down on her claim that Cheyenne shouldn’t have been cast for Teen Mom, and that Bristol Palin is stalking her.

Farrah Abraham Is Rendered Speechless

Farrah Abraham sat down for an interview with Jenny McCarthy, because water will always find its level.

"I literally did call my doctor because during my training I’m not allowed to have any of that in my system," Farrah protests.

As The Ashley notes, she is referring to her training for her November boxing match.

"If something is in my vitamins, or my drink supplements, or something like that," Farrah says. "I have to know about that."

As we all know, gummy vitamins come loaded with barbiturates. Breath mints are laced with coke. Chewing gum is basically just meth. (That’s sarcasm, folks)

"I’m high energy!" Farrah continues. "I can’t be relaxed when I’m doing all my workouts so I was very confused."

"So basically that was a faulty test…" Farrah claims. "It’s like, I’m a mom. I do very much know what I’m having."

Again, Farrah is spinning this as if people believe that she is taking barbiturates without realizing it.

Then, she spins a theory.

"It was like a pee test," Farrah says. "I said that I was on my period but they took that as ‘hey, she must take a muscle relaxer or something.’"

Farrah believes that she was set up: "It’s like they took advantage of information."

"I take nothing for anything," claims the woman whom many feel should be medicated. "In real life, there’s nothing in my system."

At least Bristol has this good co-parenting situation

They also address Farrah’s belief that Bristol Palin is copying her, and Bristol saying that they’re nothing alike.

"That’s OK. I really like being like myself. I’m very proud of myself," Farrah says.

"I hope that she and her children equally have a good situation…" Farrah says, before saying: "But that’s like ‘white girl interrupted.’"

That may be the funniest thing that Farrah has ever said.

"She moved to the same city as me, kind of does the same things as me," Farrah explains. "I don’t know what that is, but that’s a little scary!"

"Oh, Single White Female?" Farrah says when Jenny corrects her. "Either one! I don’t want any crazy stuff or people copying me or living where I live."

For the record, there are something like 950,000 people living in Austin. We suspect that none of them are there out of a desire to copy Farrah.

Farrah Abraham Rolls Her Eyes, Deep in Thought

"I never exploit my child," Farrah claims. "I know what I’m doing and to value my daughter’s safety and for her own lifestyles and passions and careers."

Sophia is 9 years old, so careers is a weird choice of words. But that’s what you’d expect from Farrah.

Farrah defends Sophia’s social media presence, saying: "All of the kids, and friends in her age group, are all doing the challenges, the Musicallys, all these fun apps." is an app liked by younger Gen Z folks, though it has its creepy side.

"Also, my daughter’s an influencer on some of these apps so if it’s all safe and it’s all fun," Farrah explains. "I don’t see the need of someone attacking me."

The Hollywood Gossip

Farrah also explains why she no longer speaks to her former co-stars on Teen Mom OG.

"Sadly, because of all their jealousy and animosity or something, I have just turned my cheek and kept moving on," Farrah claims.

Farrah, who accused Viacom of committing hate crimes against her after she was fired, is portraying herself as Christ-like.

"Running forward is the best thing to do from ‘Teen Mom.’ I wish them all well with all their new kids and pregnancies," she says.

Again, she talks about turning the other cheek and in the same breath cannot resist trying to shade them about having a lot of children and pregnancies.

Farrah Abraham Hears But Does Not Listen

Farrah continues to insist that casting replacements for her was "not appropriate."

"I would say it’s not appropriate, for both Bristol and…the other woman who has joined," Farrah says, pretending that she doesn’t know Cheyenne’s name.

She explains that other women who tried out for Teen Mom were asked if they were fans of the show, and fans or "groupies" as Farrah calls them were excluded from casting.

"I would say it’s inappropriate because, when you’ve been watching a show, and you know what it’s about," Farrah begins.

Farrah continues: "and have been hovering around for so long, I don’t think that’s authentic to what the show’s about."

The Hollywood Gossip

"I feel like Cheyenne and this other person [Cory Wharton], who was on MTV, definitely collaborated," Farrah theorizes.

Farrah claims that they "had a child and knew there was a space open and could be on ‘Teen Mom.’"

"Bristol, she’s been around," Farrah says vaguely. "She’s been to public speaking engagements with Maci and I."

"I really feel like they’re in the same category as those women who were chosen not to be on the show because they were ‘Teen Mom’ fans," Farrah has decided.

"That’s the reason that I say what I say," Farrah concludes. "It’s kind of a sad case."

The Hollywood Gossip

Now, part of the reason Farrah went on Face The Truth in the first place was that she was having issues with her mother, Debra Danielsen.

"I am definitely speaking with my mom," Farrah affirms.

In fact, Farrah notes: "She’s actually going to be at the fight November 10 in Atlantic City."

"If there’s anyone who can show me love, and if there’s anyone who can make me upset, it’s my mom," Farrah explains.

"I’m happy that she’s there because if I get all worn out," Farrah says. "She can pump me back up again."

Since when has Farrah ever gotten tired of fighting?