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Actress Bella Thorne has been one of the most popular women on Instagram for some time now, but now … she’s 18. Nice.

You know what that means. You can officially check out some of the star’s hottest pics guilt-free. Or at least watch-less free. 

Sadly, or awesomely (depending on your view), Bella has more in common with Kylie Jenner than just a taste for racy selfies.

Not unlike Kylizzle, Bella is dating a significantly older dude, so she’s off the market (and probably in need of some parental supervision).

But hey – the rules are different for famous teens. Or celebs who are secretly 40. Either way, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

So without further ado, you are ogling an 18-year-old non-celeb, and may or may not be asking for a face full of pepper spray.

These are the facts. But legally, Bella is fair game, and promoting herself online in more racy fashion every day, so have at it.