Tom Hiddleston Asked About Taylor Swift, Basically Hates His Life

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This is all Taylor Swift's fault.

Tom Hiddleston is a brilliant actor, and a seemingly well-mannered gentleman.  His patience was tested during a recent interview in Australia, but the polite Brit managed to keep his cool in spite of super dumb questions about Swift.

"How is Taylor enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast?" the Channel9 reporter asked as Hiddleston was preparing to go for a run on the beach.

"I'm not going to answer that, if it's all right," he responded, after an awkward laugh.


After returning from his run, Hiddleston was met by fans who were psyched to see the Thor star, who traveled Down Under to film the movie's third installment.

One girl in particular absolutely lost her shit after meeting the actor, bawling her eyes out as the reporter asked her how she was feeling.

"I don't even know," she said in between sobs.  "I'm so happy."

Yesterday, The Hollywood Gossip exclusively reported that Hiddleston is massively over this charade with Swift.

A source told us that Hiddleston - who has starred in The Deep Blue Sea, Midnight In Paris, War Horse and The Avengers - is "a pleasant guy who is very talkative, charming, and humble." 

So, how did he get involved with Swift? 

"Tom and Taylor’s relationship was initially set up by Taylor’s PR team after they bumped into each other at Anna Wintour’s house-party," the source said.

Swift sunk her teeth into the Brit in order to "stay relevant within the public eye until she decides to release her next album," as you do.

Prior to this, Hiddleston (who was a few years ahead of Prince William and Eddie Redmayne at Eton College) dated Elizabeth Olsen. 

Now, Hiddleston is on the Hot Mess Express.  And it doesn't look fun.

"Tom was prepared to go along with it because he believed that he and Taylor would be able to find something in common with each other," the source added about their initial dates.

It was fine at first, but "whilst he does care about Taylor, he is now beginning to realize that he may have made a mistake," the source pointed out, "after she insisted upon them meeting each other’s parents within the space of twenty four hours."

Now, she's attached herself to Hiddleston, and they're taking their love tour across Australia!

She's going to ruin him. She is THE WORST.

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