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T.I. and Tiny are married, but not so happily, based on the following sneak peek from the next all-new episode of their VH1 reality series.

The couple, whose union appeared to be over just a few months ago, called off their separation earlier this year … just in time to film one final season of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.

Amazing how that timing worked out, isn’t it?

T.I. at Dinner

As previously reported, producers decided to give T.I. and Tiny another set of episodes after realizing that their near-divorce could produce a number of fascinating storylines this spring.

Starting with the fact that T.I. cheated on his wife with one of her assistants.

Yes, this is a fact. T.I. does not deny it in the following sneak peek.

The clip opens with this rapper taking issue with how Tiny moved out of the couple’s home at one point, only for Tiny to clap back with a rather obvious responses:


But did Tiny also cheat on T.I.? With rival Floyd Mayweather, no less?!?

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Heck no, Tiny insists.

Did she hang out with the boxer during a Halloween party last year? Yes.

But she hasn’t been "intertwining" her "soul" with any member of the opposite sex, the reality star argues below.

(Really. This is exactly what she says.)

T.I. doesn’t understand why his wife would even give another man the time of day, considering he has spent "millions" on her over the years, but Tiny replies that any action she has ever taken was only in response to something T.I. did first.

Still, Tiny says she’s never cheated. Not once. Not EVER.

Do you believe her? Does T.I. believe her?!?

Watch the intense clip right here and now: