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The Alpha Delta Pi women at the University of Texas are looking to add to their coven sorority, but a rush video going viral online makes it look more like the preview to a very scary, very real horror movie.

The well-meaning (we suppose) 40-second clip opens with Maddie, Haley and Jean-Marie standing at the double doors to their sorority house.  

Little do we know, at least in the early going, the horrors within.

After they say their lines like over caffeinated cheerleaders, the three girls open the doors to reveal what is (I think) known in sorority circles as  "traditional door stack."

It is literally a stack of young women performing a chant to welcome new members of the coven into the fold.

There’s chanting, there’s clapping, there’s wiggling of fingers.

A lot is going on, to the point where the internet is terrified.

The internet is also inspired.  As soon as the video started to pick up traction last week, people got creative, super-imposing all sorts of colorful scenarios.

"Scariest shit I’ve ever seen on twitter," one person tweeted.

Of course, there’s always one who looks back fondly on those days.

"Watched that sorority door stack video everyone’s calling creepy," one gal wrote.  "I’m just nostalgic. #boomboomgorushphisigtonight"

Then we have this:

"There is a very good chance this sorority video was filmed in hell," Paper Magazine tweeted.

And my absolute favorite, Devil Demon Sorority: Rush This!

Some Twitter users pointed out that the rush video showed little to no diversity, so Buzzfeed reached out to the university for a comment.

The school obliged with a response.

Manager of Communications for the University of Texas Sarah Kennedy gave the site something of a stock answer, so to speak.

"[We are] working with our students through development and leadership programming, advising, and organizational support."

"All our staff are directly and actively engaged in promoting and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment," her statement read.

The sorority, however, must be knee deep in cult applications, as it has not responded to a request for a comment at this time.

Check out the video in question below: