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When The Voice Season 11 premieres on September 19, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will be in competition with each other.

They’ll be jostling and arguing over which prospective contestants will be a part of their team.

But the singers put all (jovial) animosity aside on Sunday night, teaming up for a special 30-minute preview of The Voice.

Photo via NBC

The preview aired after NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics, which ended up being extremely appropriate.

Because Miley, Blake, Adam and Alicia put on a Gold Medal-worthy performance to conclude the special.

It features all four artists on stage, belting out a version of the Aerosmith classic, "Dream On."

Photo via NBC

At one point, Levine even made Steven Tyler proud with his very impression rendition of Tyler’s famous high-pitched vocals.

It was pretty astounding, actually. We’re not sure if anyone else in the music business could have pulled it off.

Photo via NBC

Earlier in the episode, we were treated to a sneak peek at two of this season’s Blind Auditions, with the talent level threatening to reach its highest point to date.

We couldn’t believe a couple of the aspiring singers were just 17 years old.

Alicia Keys Sings
Photo via NBC

But that’s all for a few weeks from now.

You’ll get to know the contestants a lot better on September 19 when The Voice returns.

For now, we strongly recommend that readers give these coaches a few minutes of their time in order to check out their "Dream On" rendition.

It’s fantastic.