The Bachelorette Teaser: Hannah Brown Confronts a Lying Suitor

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Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette begins in just over a week, but we already know so many The Bachelorette Spoilers.

As the countdown to Season 15 continues, ABC has released a new teaser trailer.

The video shows off tears, fears, some sidebutt, and Hannah confronting one suitor over having a girlfriend.

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"You know that Bachelorette drama you can't wait for?" the voiceover asks as the teaser trailer begins.

Offscreen, an unseen man's voice yells: "Hannah!"

Hannah Brown herself looks around, clearly wondering where her suitor is at that moment.

"Well Monday, May 13, it all starts happening," the voiceover teases.

Then we see Hannah walk into a room and, very authoritatively, tell one man: "We need to talk!"

Hannah Brown the bachelorette teaser pic 04

On night one, the teaser reveals, she takes aside one of her suitors for a very serious talk.

"You have a girlfriend," Hannah accuses.

With editing and these brief takes, it's hard to say what is in context and what is not.

But we already knew that two of Hannah's suitors were sent home right away.

It looks like she's giving Matt D the boot on camera.

Hannah Brown the bachelorette teaser pic 05

We see a lot of reaction shots with zero context.

The trailer also shows Hannah in a steamy makeout session at one point.

In another clip, she's sobbing onto the shoulder of an unidentiifed man.

Also, she admonishes a group of suitors to "stop," though we have no way of knowing the topic at hand.

Another suitor cautions others to "don't ever objectify a woman."

Hannah Brown the bachelorette teaser pic 03

Speaking of objectification, it looks like the guys play some rugby ... while wearing kilts.

This is The Bachelorette, you you know that there has to be some fanservice for the viewers at home as well as eye candy for Hannah.

Even in the teaser, you see a lot of thigh and some sidebutt. So enjoy that.

It looks like people may have had a little bit too much fun, as one moment shows an ambulance arrive, presumably to cart someone away.

Don't put yourself in the hospital for reality television or impress a woman.

And don't put somebody else in the hospital for those reasons, either.

Hannah Brown the bachelorette teaser pic 01

"I need to know it's real," Hannah says at another moment.

We also hear Hannah refer to someone or something as "freaking psycho."

Speaking of bonkers things, Hannah says one hell of a line.

"I want somebody to fight for me," she says. "That's what I deserve."

She may have missed her calling as a warlord's daughter, watching men fight to the death for her amusement.

Hannah Brown, visually speaking, is this interesting blend of Taylor Swift and Melissa Ordway.

In terms of personality, she's hard to pin down. She's ... well, she's not nuts, but she has some eccentric moments.

Producers wouldn't have picked her if they didn't think that she could be an entertaining leading lady.

On May 13, we'll all find out if they were right to hand off this role to Hannah.

For now, the countdown to the premiere continues.

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