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The Bachelorette is about to go there.

This ABC reality series is about to depict the first ever gay relationship between two male suitors… or it’s about to shamelessly pretend that’s what’s on tap in order to goose ratings.

Either way, the promo featured above makes looks as if that Kaitlyn Bristowe pregnant shocker is more of a yawner, at least when compared to a potential hook-up between Clint and JJ.

The footage finds Clint claiming he’s "100% in love" with his fellow contestant, who Amy Schumer totally destroyed on air last Monday.

It also features him saying that he and JJ have “grown very close to each other in the shower."

Again, we ask: will this actually happen? Or has ABC plummeted to a new low in misleading folks to watch The Bachelorette online or on television?

Check out the teaser and decide for yourself.